Peruvian Vs. Mexican Food: Are All Latino Foods The Same?

If you are a fan of Latin American cuisine, this article is worth taking a deep look at.

We are going to compare Peruvian food and Mexican food to see if they differ or share any similarities.

After that, you will be able to choose a cuisine that reigns supreme for your taste buds.

What is special about Peruvian food?

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Peruvian food is a combination of Spanish, African, and Native American influences.

You can find a lot of fresh seafood on the coast or meat dishes high in the Andes Mountains.

Peruvians make use of chilies to bring heat, potatoes for heartiness, corn for sweetness, rice for stickiness, beans for protein, and quinoa as their main carbohydrate grain.

Ceviche is a very popular dish in this country.

It features fresh seafood with citrus juice, two of the main ingredients in Peruvian cuisine.

They also have many creamy meat dishes that include beef, chicken, or pork.

Some regions of Peru even eat rat which is often fried and served whole with some vegetables and rice.

What is special about Mexican food?

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Mexican food is one of the most popular and diverse cuisines in the world.

It exists not only in Mexico but also in many other countries, including America.

Mexican food is more than just tacos and burritos.

There are a variety of dishes that make Mexican cuisine special and well-known all over the world.

Some popular dishes include tamales, mole sauce, chilaquiles, enchiladas, or empanadas.

Mexican food is always made from fresh ingredients and is very flavorful due to its use of various spices and sauces.

It is also quite spicy for a lot of people because there are more than 100 chili varieties in this region.

Corn, beans, and cheese are some staples in Mexican cuisine.

These ingredients appear in every meal of Mexicans throughout the country.

Different kinds of meat like beef, pork, chicken, and lamb are often grilled or stewed to serve with corn tortillas in any part of Mexico, while seafood is more dominant in coastal regions.

What are the differences between Peruvian vs Mexican food?

Many people think that Peruvian food and Mexican food are actually the same things, but in fact, there are still some different characteristics between these two cuisines.

Peruvian food is often served with rice and potatoes, while Mexican food is served with corn tortillas

Peruvian food is traditionally served with rice and potatoes.

Rice is often steamed, while potatoes can be roasted, fried, or mashed to enjoy with other savory dishes.

On the other hand, corn is a staple in Mexican cuisine.

Corn tortillas are the most popular dish made from this ingredient and are served in nearly every meal.

Peruvian cuisine includes more seafood than Mexican cuisine

Another difference between Peruvian cuisine and Mexican cuisine is that Peruvians seem to prefer seafood more than Mexicans.

Although both cuisines have meat and seafood dishes, Mexican food is more meat-based and seafood is mainly eaten in coastal areas.

Meanwhile, in any part of Peru, you can order a delicious dish made from fresh seafood.

Peruvians eat rats, which are not included in Mexican cuisine

What sets Peruvian cuisine apart from Mexican cuisine is that some regions of Peru have rats in their diets.

Although it seems to be relatively weird and scary at first, rat meat actually tastes good and is healthy.

Rats are often dried and served whole on the plate with other vegetables and rice.

What are the similarities between Peruvian vs Mexican food?

As already mentioned, Peruvian food and Mexican food are more similar rather than being different from each other.

Below are the typical similarities between Peruvian cuisine and Mexican cuisine

Mexican food and Peruvian food make use of fresh ingredients

Both cuisines make use of fresh ingredients rather than frozen or canned food.

All the ingredients can be found in local markets or supermarkets, and are fresh.

They are not likely to use canned stock, canned meat, or canned seafood, which are staples in American cuisine. 

The most popular cooking methods in both cuisines are stewing and grilling

The two cuisines also share their popular cooking methods.

Meat and vegetables are typically grilled or stewed in Mexican cuisine and Peruvian cuisine so that they can have different textures in their meals.

They both have the dish called ceviche

Ceviche is a popular dish in both Peru and Mexico.

This dish is made from raw seafood, especially shrimp and fish, with olives and other vegetables like avocado, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, onion, and citrus juice.

Which one is better?

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Hopefully, you have enjoyed this article about Peruvian and Mexican food.

We encourage you to take a deep dive into these two Latin cuisines and try them yourself so that you will know the differences in their flavors, ingredients, and cooking techniques.

Now that you have seen this side-by-side comparison of Mexican food and Peruvian food, it all comes down to your preference to choose one cuisine over the other.

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