Onion Kulcha Vs Naan: Is Onion Kulcha The Same As Naan?

Naan or onion kulcha, which is the better flatbread to order when eating Indian food?

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This is a debate that often crops up amongst those who enjoy this type of cuisine, but there is no definitive answer.

Each has its own unique flavor and texture, so it ultimately comes down to personal preference.

In this blog post, we will explore the differences as well as similarities between these two types of flatbreads and help you decide which one is right for you.

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What is special about onion kulcha?

Onion kulcha is a type of flatbread that is similar to naan bread.

However, it is topped with a blend of spices, including onions, before being baked or roasted in the tandoor oven.

Kulcha is often made from refined white flour (known as maida in Indian cuisine), and they have a chewy texture.

Onion kulcha can be served with just about anything, but they go best with tea or an Indian curry.

Kulcha is not only popular in the Indian subcontinent but it is also a well-known item in the West.

What is special about naan?

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When it comes to Indian cuisine, you must have heard about naan.

Naan is a traditional Indian flatbread that is made from whole wheat flour, yeast, and yogurt to achieve a soft, fluffy, and slightly chewy texture.

Naan bread has a plain flavor, therefore, it is typically served as a side dish for numerous Indian saucy dishes, especially curries.

Although the classic version is plain naan bread, this dish can also be flavored with numerous ingredients and stuffed with a filling.

This dish can also be found in other surrounding countries in Western and Central Asia, as well as the Caribbean.

Traditionally, naan bread is freshly made when people want to have this flatbread in their meals, but today, you can find pre-made naan bread sold in some grocery stores or supermarkets.

What are the differences between onion kulcha and naan?

Onion kulcha and naan bread might look quite similar at first.

In fact, they are different in many ways, as listed in the comparison table below:

 Onion kulchaNaan
IngredientsMaida (refined white flour) and a topping made from onions and other spices like cumin or corianderWhole wheat flour, yeast, egg, yogurt
TextureChewier, fluffySoft and light
FlavorMore flavorful thanks to the spice toppingPlain
Nutrient valueRicher in vitamins and minerals from the spicesHigh in carbs, fiber, iron, B vitamins
Place of popularityMore popular in Western cuisineMore popular in the Indian subcontinent

What are the similarities between onion kulcha and naan?

Besides the differences between onion kulcha and naan, they also share some similarities, as listed below:

Onion kulcha and naan bread have their root in the Indian subcontinent

The first similarity between onion kulcha and naan bread is their origins.

Both are the products of people from the Indian subcontinent, specifically in India.

Flatbread is a staple in this Southern country because it is affordable and very versatile.

Onion kulcha and naan bread have the similar look

Another thing in common between onion kulcha and naan bread is their appearance.

Both are flatbread and are made the same way (despite the fact that onion kulcha is spread with the spice topping before being roasted).

Therefore, they have the same look as flatbread (unleavened with the shape of oval or circle).

Onion kulcha and naan bread are often served the same way

Last but not least, onion kulcha and naan bread are used in the same way in the kitchen.

They often work as a side dish for other savory dishes like roasted meat, curries, or stews.

Since Indians and people from some other Southern Asian countries have the habit of eating with their hands instead of using utensils like chopsticks or spoons, flatbread is a great way for them to grab food.

Naan or onion kulcha are often torn apart so that people can use pieces of flatbread to soak the sauce.

Which one is better?

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In general, onion kulcha and naan are pretty the same, but the first option will provide you with more flavors from onions and other spices.

Meanwhile, the mild taste of naan makes it perfect to pair with a savory meat-based or saucy dish.

Ultimately, it is best to try both of them to figure out if you prefer onion kulcha or naan on the side of your main course.