6 Side Dish Ideas To Complement Your Monterey Chicken

monterey chicken side dish

Monterey chicken is a popular and delicious dish that is perfect for any occasion.

But what can you serve with it?

There are some ideas in this article that can help make your meal even more mouth-watering, so keep reading and grab your favorite recipe now!

What is Monterey chicken?

Monterey chicken is a popular and delicious dish that features chicken breast as the main ingredient.

The meat is marinated in teriyaki sauce and then baked or grilled until fully cooked and has a nice golden coat.

After that, it is cooked in a sauce that is often made of soy sauce, barbecue sauce, diced tomatoes, and then topped with crispy bacon and cheese.

The resulting dish has a dark brown to red color of the sauce, a cheesy texture from the cheese, and a flavorful taste that can satisfy even the pickiest eater.

What to consider when choosing a Monterey chicken’s side dish?

Nobody can deny the deliciousness of Monterey chicken, but in fact, it is often paired with a side dish to make it easier to eat.

So what to consider when choosing a good companion for your Monterey chicken?

Here are some factors that you should keep in mind:

It is best to serve Monterey chicken with something that has a green color

To make someone want to try your meal, it should have a beautiful presentation first.

Therefore, it is best to serve your Monterey chicken with a side dish that has a green color.

This color often comes from different types of veggies, and it is in contrast to the red and golden color of the main course, making your meal look more balanced and appealing.

Monterey chicken should be paired with a light and milder-flavored side dish

The second thing you should keep in mind is that Monterey chicken has a rich and savory taste, therefore, it should be served with something that is milder in flavor.

It can be a starchy or vegetable side, not another meat-based accompaniment, and the flavor shouldn’t overpower the entree at all.

This makes your meal taste more palatable and helps you eat more.

6 best side dishes to serve with Monterey chicken

Here are the six side dishes that we find best to serve with your Monterey chicken.

Check out and choose the one that you think works best with your chicken dish:

1.     Mashed potatoes

Amazon Kitchen, Mashed Potatoes, 16 oz

Mashed potatoes are a classic side dish in American cuisine, and it pairs well with almost all savory meat-based dishes.

You can make a twist on this classic by adding your favorite ingredient, spice, or herb to the conventional mashed potatoes.

2.     Roasted veggies

Urban Accents Balsamic & Roasted Onion Veggie Roaster Seasoning Blend,...

You can also serve your Monterey chicken with roasted veggies.

Some popular types of veggies that are best for roasting are asparagus, potatoes, carrots, eggplants, or broccoli.

They deliver a mild taste but are not bland, and especially are packed with many vitamins and minerals.

3.     Sauteed green beans

Green Giant Fresh Green Beans, 12oz

Green beans are one of the favorite veggies that are great for steaming or sauteing.

Sauteed green beans with some garlic are best to serve with a chicken dish, like Monterey chicken.

Sauteing takes less time and keeps the crunchiness of green beans, so it is perfect if you are short on time.

4.     Cucumber salad

Kraft Creamy Cucumber Salad Dressing 2 Pack (2 x 16oz)- Canada

The crunchiness and refreshingness of a cucumber salad will definitely offset the rich and savory taste of your Monterey chicken.

This kind of salad can be done with ease with inexpensive ingredients.

But the resulting dish works amazingly on the side of a rich and creamy meat-based dish like Monterey chicken.

5.     Baked potatoes

Russet Potato

Baked potatoes are a classic starchy side dish to serve with your Monterey chicken.

This recipe can be done with regular potatoes or sweet potatoes, and the resulting dish is always soft inside and crispy outside, with a mildly sweet flavor of potatoes.

6.     Macaroni salad

Betty Crocker Suddenly Pasta Salad Creamy Macaroni 6.5 oz (4 pack)...

If you prefer a salad, but still want something filling, macaroni salad is the way to go.

Macaroni salad is made with macaroni pasta, mayonnaise, and other ingredients or spices to make it more colorful and flavorful.

It is not as heavy as mac and cheese because this salad often comes with a tangy taste thanks to the use of pickles or pickle juice.

But you can still enjoy the creaminess and heartiness of macaroni salad on the side of Monterey chicken.

The bottom line

Monterey chicken is a family favorite.

But it often comes with other side dishes rather than being served alone on the table.

We have provided you with the list of the six best accompaniments to pair with your Monterey chicken.

Hopefully, you can try out these recipes and choose the best one that perfectly complements your sticky, creamy, and flavorful Monterey chicken.

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