Mexican Food Vs. Pizza: What Is Best For Your Next Dining Out?

When you are not in the mood for cooking at home, will you opt for Mexican food or pizza to dine out? It might be a hard question to answer because both of them are delicious.

In this article, we are going to help you decide which kind of food is better by comparing them and highlight some special features of Mexican food and pizza.

What is special about Mexican food?

Mexican food is one of the most flavorful, diverse, and interesting cuisines in the world.

It has been strongly influenced by Spanish cuisine and the ancient Mayan people.

Mexican cuisine varies from region to region since each state has its own set of culinary traditions.

However, in general, Mexicans enjoy dishes made with corn as a staple ingredient.

Corn tortillas are very common and they are used for many classic dishes like tacos, enchiladas, burritos, and quesadillas.

Beans and chilies are the other two staples in Mexican cuisine.

Due to the use of a lot of chili peppers in their cooking, Mexican food is one of the spiciest foods in the world.

They also tend to add cheese to their dishes for a creamy taste and cheesy texture.

Mexican food is often served with different kinds of colorful sauces, like guacamole or salsa.

They offer a variety of dishes made from different ingredients, from meat to seafood and vegetables.

What is special about pizza?

Pizza is a signature dish of Italian cuisine.

It consists of a flat round base of the dough with various ingredients for toppings.

There are some possible origins of the word “pizza”.

It might derive from the Greek word “pitta”, meaning “pie”, or the Langobardic word “bizzo”, referring to “bite”.

No matter what the true story is, pizza is referred to as a small cake.

Pizza is one of the most favorite comfort foods by everyone because it is so versatile and easy to customize.

There are plenty of options for the toppings, such as pepperoni, bacon, seafood, different kinds of vegetables, olives, and fruits.

However, there are some staple ingredients that form a true pizza, and they are tomato sauce (or puree), and grated cheese.

Pizza is traditionally baked in a big wood-fired oven at a very high temperature.

Today, it can be made from other utensils like an air-fryer, conventional oven, or even a microwave.

The result is also very satisfying and can boost your mood up whenever you eat it.

It is sweet, slightly sour, salty, cheesy, sharp, and very flavorful from different ingredients for the toppings.

Now you can find pizza in any fast-food restaurant or pizzeria across the world. 

What are the differences between Mexican food vs Pizza?

There are some key differences that set Mexican food and pizza apart from each other, as listed below:

Mexican food and pizza have different origins

Mexican food represents the cuisine of this whole country, while pizza is just a traditional dish that originated from Italian cuisine.

Therefore, it is obvious that Mexican food and pizza have two different origins.

Mexican food is spicier than pizza

There are more than 100 chili varieties in Mexican cuisine, making their food one of the spiciest foods in the world.

Pizza, on the other hand, doesn’t have a spicy taste at all.

It might have a pungent flavor if it is made from various herbs, but not meant to be hot or spicy.

Mexican food contains a lot of corn-based dishes, while pizza is made from wheat-based dough

Another difference between Mexican food and pizza is that Mexican food includes many corn-based dishes.

Corn is a staple in this Latin cuisine, and corn tortillas can be served in every meal.

Meanwhile, the pizza dough is made from wheat flour.

Mexican food is generally healthier than pizza

If your health is the priority concern, Mexican food reigns supreme.

Mexican food is always made from fresh ingredients, lighter in texture, and lower in calories.

On the other hand, pizza is high in calories, fat, and sometimes made from frozen and processed ingredients.

What are the similarities between Mexican food vs Pizza?

Mexican food and pizza, despite being separated from each other with numerous different characteristics, also share some similarities:

Mexican food and pizza are both diverse

The first thing in common between Mexican food and pizza is their diversity.

Mexican food varies from region to region with many delicious dishes that are well-known all over the world.

It can be made from meat (beef, pork, chicken), seafood (fish, shrimp, prawns, crab, lobster, mussel), vegetables, grains, and fruits.

Pizza, despite being a single dish, also has many variations for the toppings, including vegan ingredients like broccoli, bell pepper, olives, cashew cream, or dried tomatoes; meat ingredients like chicken, beef, pork, bacon, or sausages; or seafood like crab, oyster, clam, shrimp, or squid. 

Cheese and tomatoes are staples in Mexican cuisine and pizza

Mexican food and pizza also share some staple ingredients like cheese and tomatoes.

There are different kinds of cheese to use, but mozzarella is the most popular type.

Tomatoes can be used the whole fruit, or in the paste form.

Which one is better?

Mexican food and pizza are both great and diverse, and it might be hard to choose between these two delicious options.

But with our information about these two kinds of food, hopefully, you have had your own decision.

In the end, why not enjoy both Mexican food and pizza on alternating nights to satisfy your taste buds without feeling guilty about your health?

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