Mediterranean Vs. Mexican Food: Which Cuisine Is Better?

No one can dispute the fact that Mexican and Mediterranean food are two of the most popular cuisines in America.

But which is better? This post will help you decide by giving you some key factors about how these cuisines differ from each other or share any similarities.

Let’s check it out!

What is special about Mediterranean food?

Mediterranean food is known as one of the healthiest cuisines in the world.

When eating Mediterranean food, you are eating fresh produce sourced from local farmers’ markets and the bounty of summertime harvests.

They make use of nutritious and healthy ingredients like lean meat, seafood, whole grains, fruits, nuts, a lot of vegetables, and fatty acids like olive oil.

The Mediterranean Diet has been shown to help reduce risk factors for heart disease, cancer, and other chronic diseases.

This will make you feel better about yourself while also providing a healthy environment for your loved ones.

They also tend to use grape wine to marinate or season their dishes.

Grilling and baking are the most popular cooking styles in Mediterranean cuisine to cut down the fat intake in their diet.

Their food is not spicy but fragrant and subtle instead.

They use warm spices and herbs like pepper, cloves, coriander, basil, bay leaf, cumin, fennel, garlic, saffron, or parsley to name a few.

What is special about Mexican food?

Mexican food is a very popular cuisine in the world as well as in America.

It features numerous staples like corn, beans, meat, seafood, vegetables, and chilies.

Mexican food is one of the spiciest foods all over the world because of its use of more than 100 chili varieties.

There are some signature dishes like tacos, burritos, enchiladas, empanadas, or tamales that are not only well-known across the country but also in many other cuisines.

Corn is everywhere in Mexico, and indigenous people have mastered cooking this simple ingredient to turn it into many delicious and beautiful dishes like corn tortillas or grilled Mexican street corn.

In Mexican cuisine, they eat different kinds of meat without any diet restriction.

Beef, pork, chicken, and lamb are the most popular types that can be grilled, roasted, or stewed.

Meanwhile, seafood seems to be more prominent in coastal areas.

They can be eaten raw with citrus juice like in the ceviche recipe, deep-fried, or stewed with other legume vegetables.

Mexican food always shows up with a vibrant presentation and being nutritious due to the combination of various ingredients in one dish.

What are the differences between the Mediterranean vs Mexican food?

When it comes to comparing Mediterranean food and Mexican food, there are some key differences that need to take a look at:

Mexican food is spicier than Mediterranean food

Mexican food is reputed for being spicy because they use a lot of kinds of chili peppers in their cooking.

Chilies can be used in fresh, dried, powder, or paste form.

This spice does not only adds flavor but also makes Mexican food look vibrant.

On the other hand, Mediterranean food is subtler and not spicy as they tend to use warm spices and more herbs in their dishes rather than hot spices like chili peppers.

Mexican food is cooked with vegetable oil or lard, while most Mediterranean food is cooked with olive oil

Another difference between Mediterranean food and Mexican food is their cooking oils.

In Mexico, different kinds of vegetable oil like canola oil, peanut oil, or corn oil.

They also use lard in many traditional cooking recipes.

Meanwhile, the Mediterranean is famous for its abundant source of olives.

They do not only make use of the fruits but also use olive oil in almost every dish.

Mexican food is served with corn tortillas, while Mediterranean food is served with rice and pita bread

Corn is a staple in Mexican cuisine as well as other Latino cuisines.

This simple ingredient is often ground into cornmeal to make corn tortillas.

Otherwise, the whole corn is cooked in grilling or stewing recipes.  Corn kernels are often used in salads.

On the other hand, Mediterranean cuisine uses rice, couscous, or whole-grain pita bread.

Mediterranean food is generally healthier than Mexican food as it includes a lot of nuts, whole grains, and fatty acids

Mediterranean food, in general, is famous for being one of the healthiest cuisines in the world.

In comparison to Mexican food, the Mediterranean diet includes more healthy ingredients like nuts, whole grains, and fatty acids, which benefit our health in many ways.

What are the similarities between the Mediterranean vs Mexican food?

Despite many differences between Mediterranean food and Mexican food, the two cuisines also share some similarities:

Mexican food and Mediterranean food are made from a variety of fresh ingredients

Both cuisines make use of fresh ingredients from different food groups.

For example, in their daily meals, you can find different kinds of meat (beef, pork, lamb, or chicken), seafood (fish, shrimp, salmon, lobster, crab, prawns, or mussels), vegetables, fruits, spices, and herbs, and all are fresh.

They often serve colorful salads on their meals

Another thing in common between Mediterranean food and Mexican food is that salads are a staple in their meals.

Normally, there is a big bowl of salad served in the Mediterranean or Mexican diet to enjoy with other meat or seafood dishes.

Their salads often consist of tomatoes, bell peppers, onion, cucumber, avocado, corn kernels, beans, and spinach, making them very colorful and nutritious.

Which one is better?

Now you might have a better understanding of what makes Mexican food and Mediterranean food special.

Mexican food is known for its bold flavors with a variety of spices, while Mediterranean cuisine tends to be lighter.

This means that you have a clear choice for which cuisine probably suits your taste buds better.

It is worth trying every dish from Mexican and Mediterranean cuisines before making the final decision.

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