Malaysian Vs. Indian Food: What Offers Better Food?

Some people may say that Indian food is better than Malaysian food while others prefer the cuisine from the Southeast Asian country.

So what are the differences between Indian food and Malaysian food and what makes them unique in their own ways? This article will help show you how to determine which type of cuisine best suits your taste buds.

What is special about Indian food?

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Indian food is a diverse cuisine with many regions and cultures.

The Hindu religion plays an important role in Indian culture with its restriction on beef consumption.

One of the most popular dishes being curry that is eaten throughout India, but they all have slight variations depending on the region that you are in.

There is also plenty of regional produce available to Indians like chickpeas (chana), lentils (daal), rice (bhatura), and more.

They offer recipes for both vegetarians and meat-lovers alike so everyone can find something for them.

Indian food is rich in spices, making it one of the spiciest foods in the world.

Indian dishes are often served with naan or rice, which are their main starch options.

Naan is baked in a tandoori oven and served as an edible utensil to scoop up other foods.

Indians have a habit of eating with their hands, so naan bread is an integral part of their cuisine.

What is special about Malaysian food?

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Malaysian food has a rich and diverse culture that is influenced by its neighboring countries.

There are some influences from China, Thailand, Indonesia, India, and from indigenous people in this island country, making Malaysian food very diverse and flavorful.

One of the most popular dishes in Malaysia is Nasi Lemak, which consists of coconut rice with sambal ikan bilis (a type of Malaysian shrimp cracker), cucumbers, hard-boiled eggs, and fried peanuts.

Beef and poultry are widely used in roasting or stewing recipes in Malaysia.

There is always a special combination between different flavors, from sweetness, sourness, to the spiciness of the spices, herbs, and ingredients used in Malaysian dishes.

What are the differences between Malaysian food and Indian food?

Malaysian food and Indian food differ in some ways.

Here are the typical differences between these two Asian cuisines:

Indian food is heavier on spices, while Malaysian food also emphasizes fresh herbs

The first thing that sets Indian food apart from Malaysian food is how each cuisine uses its spices.

Indians tend to use a lot more hot spices like chili pepper, cumin, coriander, garlic, ginger, turmeric, or curry powder, making their food a lot spicier than Malaysian food.

On the other hand, Malaysians use more herbs and pungent condiments like lemongrass, kaffir lime, black pepper, and coriander, so their food is subtler but still very flavorful.  

Malaysians tend to use fermented ingredients to add a sour taste to their dishes

Another difference between Indian cuisine and Malaysian cuisine is that Malaysian dishes are often sourer because they use more fermented ingredients, especially condiments like fish sauce or shrimp paste.

On the other hand, Indian food tends to be on the sweeter side.

Beef is widely consumed in Malaysia but is forbidden in India

The last different feature that separates the two cuisines is their beef consumption.

Cows are sacred animals to Hinduism, which is the major religion in India.

Therefore, beef is rarely consumed in Indian cuisine and even forbidden in many parts.

Meanwhile, most Malaysians are Muslims, so they don’t eat pork instead.

Beef is still one of the top choices of meat in Malaysia.

What are the similarities between Malaysian food and Indian food?

Despite some key differences between Malaysian food and Indian food, there are also several similarities between them:

Rice and curries are the main dishes in Malaysian and Indian cuisines

The first similarity between Malaysian food and Indian food is that rice and curries are two staples in both cuisines.

Rice is often steamed or fried with other ingredients.

Curries, on the other hand, can be made from different kinds of meat, seafood, or vegan elements, ranging from mild to very spicy flavor.

Pork is rarely consumed in both cuisines, but poultry, goat, or lamb instead

Another thing in common between Indian food and Malaysian food is their meat options.

Although beef is what Indians don’t eat while Malaysians do, pork is forbidden in both cuisines.

Poultry and red meat like goat and lamb are their primal choices when it comes to meat dishes.

They have a habit of eating with their right hands

There is a similar eating habit between Indian cuisine and Malaysian cuisine.

People from both countries use their right hands to eat their food.

Left hands are considered to be used for dirtier things instead of eating.

They often use their fingers only to grab food and eat.

Soups can be eaten with a spoon.

Which one is better?

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Indian cuisine and Malaysian cuisine are both unique cultures with their own traditions.

The two cuisines can also be very different from one another in many ways, but the best way to figure out which type of food you like better is by trying them for yourself! If you’re looking for a great restaurant near you that serves either traditional Indian or Malaysian dishes, look no further than your local ethnic grocery store.

Maybe there’s an Asian buffet nearby where they serve both types of foods? Either way, we hope this article helped clear up any confusion about what separates these Indian and Malaysian cooking styles.