Latino Food Vs. Mexican Food: Is Latino And Mexican Cuisine The Same Thing?

Since Mexico is a Latin American country, a common misconception is that Mexican food and Latino food are exactly the same things.

In fact, it is only true to some extent, and there are definitely more things that need to be unraveled in this post.

Read on to find out interesting facts about Mexican food and Latino food before choosing a cuisine that you favor.

What is special about Latino food?

Latino food refers to cuisines from all countries in Latin America.

Therefore, Latino food is a diverse cuisine that has been influenced by many cultures in the world and by indigenous people in each region.

There are influences from European cultures, such as Spain, Italy, France, or Portugal, Asian influences like Chinese and Japanese in some Latin countries like Peru and Brazil, from African cuisines, or Caribbean cuisines.

Latino food is typically corn-based, with many famous dishes like tacos or burritos, with beans, rice, or plantains as other carb options.

Latino food is also reputed for being rich in flavor.

Normally, they use a lot of chili peppers in their cooking, making their dishes bolder and even very spicy.

There are a lot of options of protein from different kinds of meat like beef, pork, chicken, lamb, or turkey, as well as seafood in coastal regions.

Most countries in Latin America, except for Paraguay and Bolivia, have access to the sea or ocean so there is an abundant source of fresh seafood here.

What is special about Mexican food?

Mexican food is one of the most popular cuisines in the world.

It has been around for centuries with many globally-known dishes like tacos, enchiladas, tamales, chilaquiles, or guacamole sauce.

Corn is a staple in Mexican cuisine.

Most of their dishes are made from corn or cornmeal, with different kinds of grilled meat, beans, and vegetables on the side.

Mexican food is known as one of the spiciest foods in the world.

There are more than 100 chili varieties in this country, so they use a lot of this spice in almost every dish, making it hot and look vibrant.

Mexican food is mainly meat-based, but you can also find a lot of vegan options like legume stews or vegetable salads, with seafood dishes like ceviche or fried fish in coastal areas.

Cheese is also widely used in Mexican cooking.

What are the differences between Latino vs Mexican food?

In general, Mexican food and Latino food are very similar.

However, since Latin America includes more countries than just Mexico, its cuisine also has some differences from Mexican cuisine:

Latino food is more diverse than Mexican food

Latino food refers to the cuisines of over 20 countries in this region (North, Central, and South America), including Mexico.

Therefore, Latino cuisine is much more diverse than Mexican cuisine, which is a part of it.

Mexicans serve their food with corn tortillas, while other Latino cuisines also include rice, wheat-based products, and plantains

Another difference between Latino food and Mexican food is their carb options.

In Mexico, corn is a staple in its cuisine.

Corn tortillas are the most popular dish that can be hard to soft in tacos and burritos.

They also have the famous Mexican street corn that is simply grilled corn with butter, cheese, and spices.

Meanwhile, Latino cuisine also includes rice or other crops like yucca, cassava, or plantains, with wheat-based bread to serve with their food.

Other Latino cuisines also include processed food like sausages

Most Latino dishes and Mexican dishes are made from fresh ingredients.

However, it seems that Mexicans prefer more fresh ingredients, while other countries in Latin America also eat bacon, ham, and sausages as a convenient and quick way for a hearty meal.

What are the similarities between Latino vs Mexican food?

As already mentioned, Latino food and Mexican food have a lot in common.

Below are the typical similarities between these two cuisines:

Mexican food and Latino food both feature corn, beans, and chilies

Corn, beans, and chilies are three staples in Mexican cuisine in particular and in Latino cuisine in general.

These ingredients can be found in many traditional or modern dishes.

Chilies are very popular in this region and are widely used in their cooking, making their food relatively spicy compared to other cuisines in the world.

There are many similar signature dishes from these two cuisines

Another thing in common between Latino food and Mexican food is that there are plenty of classic dishes that can be found in many Latin countries.

They are tacos, burritos, churros, tamales, enchiladas, ceviche, or empanadas.

Each cuisine in this region might have its own variations of these dishes with a twist on the cooking technique or ingredients, but these differences are not significant.

They both make use of fresh ingredients

Another difference between Latino cuisine and Mexican cuisine is that they mainly make use of fresh ingredients.

From meat like beef, pork, turkey, chicken, or lamb, to seafood like fish, shrimp, prawns, crab, lobster, or mussels, along with different kinds of vegetables like root vegetables or leafy greens, all are fresh. 

Which one is better?

In conclusion, Mexican food and Latino food are very similar just simply because Mexican food is a part of Latino cuisine.

However, there are still some special features that can be found in other Latin American cuisines rather than in Mexican culture, making it even more diverse.

It is totally up to you to choose which kind of food you want to eat.

They are both great and have a lot in common, therefore, giving both Mexican food and Latino food a try to know how exactly they differ from each other.

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