American Food Vs. Korean Food: Which One Is Better?

In the world, there are numerous kinds of cuisines from different countries.

American food and Korean food are two of the most popular cuisines that are miles away.

If you are wondering what to choose for your next meal, Korean food or American food, this article will help.

Read on to find out all the interesting information about each culture.

What is special about American food?

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The United States, as the name implies, is a country of numerous cultures.

Therefore, American cuisine is a blend of different cuisines from all around the world.

However, it has its own unique characteristics that make American food stand out and be favored all over the world.

American food is usually known for its high in calories and fat because their dishes are packed with heavy sauces and a lot of cooking oils.

However, American cuisine is more than that.

People are more conscious about their health, so besides using canned food as a staple, they also have numerous recipes for fruity or green salads.

They also focus on lean meat like chicken breast and pork tenderloin to cut down the fat content and control the calorie intake.

What is special about Korean food?

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Korean food is a wonderful way to bring the family together.

You can make it as spicy or mild as you like, and it is so easy to cook.

Korean dishes have a variety of ingredients, including rice, vegetables, tofu, meat, and seafood.

Korean cuisine is so popular because it often has intense flavors that stimulate your taste buds and can be spicy as well.

The Koreans really master the art of preserving foods, which you will see in many side dishes being pickled or fermented- most are also spicy.

A constant at every meal is Korea’s famous Kimchi, which is a type of cabbage with a variety of spices and perfects to consume with grilled fatty meat like pork belly.

They also have some similar dishes from the Japanese cuisine, such as sushi and sashimi.

Soy sauce acts as a staple in Korean cuisine.

It can be used as a dipping sauce, to marinate, or season their dishes.

What are the differences between American vs Korean food?

There are numerous differences between American and Korean food, as listed below:

Canned food is more popular in American cuisine, while Korean food uses fresh ingredients

Americans prefer having a meal that is packed with nutrients but has to be quick to make because it is quite time-consuming to prepare a meal from scratch.

Therefore, canned food is a staple in their cuisine.

In contrast, Korean food uses only fresh ingredients that can be easily found in their local markets.

Korean food tends to be spicy and lighter, while American food is sweeter and creamier

Korean food is typically spicier because they usually add a lot of chili powder or chili paste to their dishes.

Meanwhile, American dishes use a lot of dairy products like cream, milk, cheese, and butter, or sugar, which make their food creamier, heavier, and sweeter.

The Koreans enjoy their vegetables fermented or stir-fried, while vegetables are usually baked or served raw in salads in America

As already mentioned, the Koreans have mastered pickling their vegetables, such as cabbage, carrots, or daikons.

They sometimes stir-fry bok choy with soy sauce too.

On the other hand, Americans eat raw vegetables for salads, or bake and grill them instead.

Korean people eat more rice, while American people serve their dishes with pasta, potatoes, or bread

Another difference between the two cuisines is their carb options.

Rice is a staple in Korean cooking, such as rice rolls with seaweed, sushi, or just simply steamed white rice.

In America, they consume more wheat products, including pasta, or bread.

They also serve mashed potatoes with other savory dishes.

Americans use knives and forks to eat their food, whereas Korean cuisine uses chopsticks and spoons

The last difference is typical utensils.

Americans eat their food by using forks and knives, whereas Korean people use chopsticks to pick up their food.

What are the similarities between Korean vs American food?

Despite some key differences, Korean and American cuisines are also alike in some characteristics.

Here are several things that have in common:

Korean food and American food are diverse with a variety of ingredients such as vegetables, seafood, and meat

Generally, these two cuisines use a diverse source of ingredients.

They almost don’t have any diet restrictions, so people from both countries eat food from all groups, such as meat (chicken, beef, pork), seafood (fish, shrimp, chowder), and vegetables.

American food and Korean food are popular worldwide

Another similarity between American food and Korean food is that they are both popular in different parts of the world.

Today, American dishes like hamburgers, French fries, crispy fried chicken, or cheesecakes can be easily found in Asia.

On the other hand, bibimbap, kimbap, or kimchi are also famous in the West and America.

Which one is better?

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It’s hard to say which cuisine is better between American or Korean food.

This is because both cuisines offer unique flavors and dishes, as well as different cultural influences.

However, if you are looking for something spicy or have a craving for pickles to serve with grilled meat, Korean food may be the best choice.

Those who crave meat-heavy fare will likely find themselves at home in an American restaurant.

We recommend trying out both types of cuisine so you can make up your own mind about what type suits your palate the most! Which country’s style would you like to try first?

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