5 Best Side Dishes To Go With Fried Chicken At Your Next Party

kalua pork sandwich side dish

If you want to make your Hawaiian Kalua pork sandwiches taste better, the side dishes that are mentioned in this article will absolutely satisfy you.

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Let’s explore the five best options to accompany your Kalua pork sandwiches to figure out which one you prefer the most.

What are Kalua pork sandwiches?

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Kalua pork sandwiches are one of the most popular items on menus at Hawaiian restaurants.

The word kalua refers to the common traditional cooking method in this cuisine, in which food is cooked in a pit underground, called an imu.

In this case, the whole pig is smoked with banana leaves, sea salt, and koa wood in the imu until it turns golden brown and the meat is thoroughly cooked.

Kalua pork sandwiches often just call for shredded kalua pork served in a bun to create a delicious meal with ease.

At first sight, it looks just like a regular shredded beef sandwich, but the way the kalua pork is cooked provides it with a special smoky and woody flavor that is typically found in Hawaiian cooking.

What to consider when choosing a Kalua pork sandwiches’ side dish?

Normally, a meat sandwich contains all the necessary ingredients for a complete meal, with protein from meat, carbs from the buns, and minerals from vegetables.

Kalua pork sandwiches are delicious and great to enjoy on their own.

However, by pairing this dish with a good and proper side dish, you can even have a more hearty and delicious meal.

Don’t know what to look for?

Here are some tips from us that can help you choose the right side dish to accompany Kalua pork sandwiches:

Kalua pork sandwiches are great to be paired with vegetables

There are not many vegetables in your Kalua pork sandwiches, therefore, to make your meal with this dish more nutritious and harmonious, it is best to serve it with a vegetable side dish.

Vegetables can be cooked in numerous ways depending on the types of vegetables and your favorite cooking method.

Do you or your family have any dietary restrictions?

Check if you or your family members have any dietary restrictions before cooking to make sure that everyone will enjoy your dishes happily and comfortably.

For example, some people have dairy tolerance or are following a gluten-free diet, so just ask them before picking the proper companions.

5 best side dishes to serve with Kalua pork sandwiches

Are you wondering which side dish works best with your Kalua pork sandwiches?

Let’s refer to the following accompaniments to find out your favorite recipe:

1.     Coleslaw

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One of the most classic side dishes to serve with a meat sandwich is coleslaw.

This is an easy and delicious salad that is made from shredded cabbage and carrots, which are coated with mayonnaise for a rich and creamy taste.

Coleslaw has a crunchy texture and refreshing taste without being bland to balance the savory taste of your Hawaiian Kalua pork sandwiches. 

2.     Potato salad

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A potato salad can also work as a great side dish to serve alongside your Kalua pork sandwiches.

This kind of salad contains potatoes that are more starchy and can help you feel fuller for a long period of time.

Potatoes work best with mayonnaise as the salad dressing for a rich flavor rather than an acidic dressing. 

3.     Macaroni salad

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Macaroni salad is another great option to serve with your Kalua pork sandwiches.

The rich and creamy taste of this side dish blends perfectly with the smoky taste of Kalua pork.

Macaroni salad also helps fill your empty stomach with delicious flavors from inexpensive ingredients.

4.     Pickles

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A pleasant sour taste of pickles will work as a perfect addition to your Kalua pork sandwiches.

The best choices of veggies for pickling are cucumber, radish, or onions.

A veggie pickle can be done in a couple of days without any fuss, so make sure that you make this side dish in advance so that you have the sour and crunchy veggies available to enjoy with your Kalua pork sandwiches.

5.     Baked beans

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Beans are a popular ingredient in many cuisines, and baked beans are a good side dish that pairs well with different meat dishes.

Baked beans have an earthy and sweet taste with a tender and starchy texture that are sure to satisfy your hunger.

The bottom line

If you want to try a new Hawaiian dish, Kalua pork sandwiches are a great choice.

This delicious dish is perfect on its own, but it is even better when served with a good salad or another vegetable side dish.

If you cannot decide between our Kalua pork sandwiches’ side dish options, we recommend trying all of them one by one every time you have this pork sandwich on the table.

After that, you can have your own answer.

Good luck!