5 Best Side Dishes That Go Well With Jerk Chicken And Rice

jerk chicken rice side dish

Jerk chicken is a spicy and delicious Caribbean dish that is perfect to eat with rice for parties or family dinners.

But what side dishes should you serve with jerk chicken and rice?

This post will give you some ideas for delicious and easy-to-make sides that will complement jerk chicken and rice perfectly!

Read on and get cooking!

What are jerk chicken and rice?

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Jerk chicken and rice is a dish that consists of spicy jerk chicken and rice.

Chicken, after being marinated with the typical Caribbean jerk seasoning which is often made of cumin, allspice, nutmeg, smoked paprika, cinnamon, salt, sugar, and red pepper flakes, is browned and cooked together with rice in one pot.

This helps reduce the cooking time and also makes your rice more flavorful.

The dish is hearty and filling and can be enjoyed as either a side dish or the main course. 

Jerk chicken and rice are very popular in the Caribbean region, especially in Jamaica.

Over time, it has become popular all over the world, especially for those who prefer spicy food.

What to consider when choosing a jerk chicken and rice’ side dish?

Jerk chicken and rice is perfect to enjoy on their own.

However, when served this dish with a proper side dish, you literally can elevate your simple meal to a restaurant-quality menu to wow everyone.

So how to know if the side dish you choose to accompany your jerk chicken and rice is right?

Here are some tips from us:

Jerk chicken and rice are best to serve with a vegan side dish

Jerk chicken and rice contain both meat and grain, so there is no need to pair this Jamaican dish with another meat-based side.

It is better to have a vegan side dish served alongside your jerk chicken and rice for added nutrients and offset the rich and savory taste of the main course.

Choose between a vegetable or fruit side dish to pair with jerk chicken and rice

When it comes to a vegan side dish, you can consider a vegetable-based or fruit recipe.

Vegetables are often packed with a mild and umami flavor, while most fruits that go well with jerk chicken and rice have a citrusy flavor.

It all depends on your taste buds’ preference to choose the ingredients and flavor profile for the side dish you want to serve with jerk chicken and rice.

How many people will be eating your meal?

Don’t forget to determine the number of people who will be at your party or meal.

This will help you have the proper plan to make sure that everyone will have enough food and there won’t be leftovers either.

5 best side dishes to serve with jerk chicken and rice

Here is the list of five side dishes that we find most suitable and easy to make to serve with jerk chicken and rice:

1.     Peas

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Peas are packed with a rich source of vegan protein and many other essential nutrients.

They are great to serve alongside your jerk chicken and peas or even cooked with rice for a complete dish without any fuss.

Peas have a mild and slightly sweet flavor that goes perfectly with savory jerk chicken.

2.     Fried plantains

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Plantains are another Caribbean staple and they go well with jerk chicken and rice.

Plantains are often fried until crispy and served next to jerk chicken and rice to bring a nice crunchy texture that is in contrast to the tender texture of the meat and rice.

3.     Mango salad

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If you want to pair your jerk chicken and rice with something that has a pleasant citrusy flavor, mango salad is a good option to serve with this Caribbean dish.

Mango salad can be any kind of salad that contains mango flesh.

So there are many recipes for you to choose from.

4.     Baked sweet potatoes

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You can also serve jerk chicken and rice with baked sweet potatoes.

Sweet potatoes are starchy and have a slightly sweet flavor, so they can fill your empty stomach without sacrificing flavor.

5.     Roasted vegetables

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Another vegetable-based side dish to serve with jerk chicken and rice is roasted vegetables.

Just opt for any kind of veggies you like, but typically, potatoes, carrots, broccoli, or asparagus are ideal for roasting.

The refreshing and light flavor of this side dish will balance the savory and meaty taste of your jerk chicken, as well as provide your meal with essential nutrients.

The bottom line

If you want to bring the Caribbean flavor to your kitchen, jerk chicken and rice are the way to go.

You can even make your meal better and more special with the aforementioned five side dishes.

Choose from our list one or several companions to pair with jerk chicken and rice that you favor the most so you will never have any leftovers after dinners.