Is Chicken Broth Dairy-free? Does Chicken Broth Have Milk In It?

There’s nothing better than a warming bowl of chicken broth to soothe you when you’re under the weather.

And while some brands of chicken broth are made with milk, many don’t contain any dairy at all.

But how do you know if your favorite soup is safe for those with dietary restrictions? Let’s learn more about it in this blog post.

What is a dairy-free diet?

A dairy-free diet is a way of eating that excludes all dairy products, including milk, butter, cheese, yogurt, ice cream, or any other form of milk.

Because it’s not as easy to find completely dairy-free products (due to the popularity of these products), it can be tricky for people on the diet to eat out at restaurants or buy food from their favorite stores.

So why do some people eat a dairy-free diet?

There are several reasons why following a dairy-free diet is reasonable, even though dairy products make everything creamier and more tempting.

Some people have an intolerance or allergy to milk and other dairy products.

Others choose a vegan diet, which excludes meat, fish, poultry, and eggs, as well as all animal products (including honey).

For some vegans, this includes all foods derived from animals, such as milk and cheese.

Dairy-free foods are widely available in supermarkets and health food shops.

You can find them by looking out for the “vegan” or “dairy-free” symbol or term on the packaging or by checking the ingredients list to see if they contain milk derivatives such as whey powder or casein (milk protein).

Is chicken broth dairy-free?

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You might be wondering, “Is chicken broth dairy free?” The short answer is that it is, most of the time.

Chicken broth is usually made with chicken, bones, vegetables, water, salt, and herbs, and it’s not typically made with dairy.

However, we cannot say for sure because some brands do add milk or milk products to their broths to make them taste creamier and more buttery.

Many popular brands of chicken broth contain no dairy at all, so if you’re looking for a good source of protein without any dairy in sight, then those brands should work well for you.

The ingredients that are used to make chicken broth, including chicken meat, bones, fragrant vegetables, and herbs, already give the broth tons of flavors.

Therefore, there is no need to add milk or cream to the liquid.

Chicken broth is also a rich source of nutrients and healthy fats that are essential to our overall health, and adding dairy products can even make it less beneficial.

Does chicken soup have dairy?

The answer to the question “Does chicken soup have dairy?” depends on what you are looking for.

Although chicken broth is often dairy-free, most chicken soup brands contain dairy.

Chicken soup is a popular food around the world that is commonly used as a home remedy when one feels under the weather.

It can also be made at home or purchased at the store.

Chicken soup also makes a quick meal replacement without sacrificing flavor.

If you opt for cream chicken soup, then it obviously consists of dairy products like milk, cream, or other forms of dairy.

Therefore, if you want a pot or a bowl of chicken soup without the use of dairy, it is better to make your own soup or look for items with the “dairy-free” term or check the ingredient label to see what is inside the can.

The best dairy-free chicken broth brands

As already mentioned, most chicken broth sold on the market contains no dairy products.

But here are some of the best options that we highly recommend if you are allergic to dairy but don’t want to give up on the delicious broth.

  • Pacific Foods Organic Chicken Broth: This is a great choice if you are looking for a nice organic chicken broth.

It is made from free-range chickens, so it’s healthy and tastes good as well.

The brand uses only natural ingredients such as garlic, onion powder, and celery leaf, making this product suitable for vegetarians.

  • Swanson Organic Chicken Broth: This is another excellent option for people looking for healthy and natural chicken broth.

It’s made from organic ingredients, which means it’s free of preservatives and other chemicals that could cause stomach problems.

Swanson uses only whole vegetables in this product to make it thick and flavorful without adding artificial ingredients or too much sodium.

  • Better Than Bouillon No Chicken Base: Better Than Bouillon No Chicken Base is a great option for people who are vegans but still love the sweet flavor of the chicken.

This product is made from pure vegetable broth with a chicken flavor, making it perfect for soups.

You can use this base to make your own chicken-flavored broth at home if you don’t have any on hand.

  • Campbell’s chicken broth: Campbell’s chicken broth is a fantastic option for people who want a simple, classic flavor.

This product has a rich aroma and is made with real vegetables and spices to create a thick, flavorful base that you can use in soups or sauces.

The ingredients are certified gluten-free and kosher, making it an ideal option for people with dietary restrictions.


If you’re a vegan or have problems digesting dairy, you know that there are many choices when it comes to chicken broth.

Hopefully, you can find yourself a favorite brand to opt for when you don’t have time to make your pot of chicken broth.

Otherwise, homemade versions are always a healthier and fresher choice.

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