Is Chicken Broth Bad For Gout? Can People With Gout Drink Chicken Broth?

If you have gout, you know that it can be a painful condition.

The cause of gout is often traced to an overproduction of uric acid.

To reduce the risk of developing gout, it’s important to keep your blood levels of uric acid under control.

That’s where chicken broth comes in—or does it? In this article, we’ll take a look at whether chicken broth can trigger or worsen symptoms of gout and if there are any foods (or drinks) that are actually okay for people with gout.

Does chicken trigger gout?

Chicken is one of the most common kinds of meat, and it is eaten worldwide as a healthier alternative to red meat.

The chicken itself is a good source of protein and many essential nutrients, and it benefits our health in many ways.

So does chicken trigger gout? It depends on how much you eat.

Chicken contains a significant amount of purines, substances that can cause gout flares in people who eat excessive amounts.

Is chicken broth high in purines?

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Chicken broth is a liquid made from boiling chicken bones, meat, and vegetables for a long time so that the flavors from the ingredients will penetrate into the water, resulting in a very aromatic and tasty broth.

It is often used to make soups, stews, sauces, and gravies but can also be drunk on its own.

Chicken broth has been around for hundreds of years, with recipes dating back to ancient China and Greece.

Now, it is easy to find a bottle or a can of chicken broth on the market, ready to be used right from the package.

Chicken broth is a good source of potassium and magnesium and can be used as a home remedy for cold or flu symptoms.

However, chicken broth is high in purines—the breakdown products of protein found in your body and many foods.

Purines are not a problem if they are processed by the body properly.

However, when there is an excess amount of them circulating in your blood system (known as hyperuricemia), this can cause gout attacks because it increases uric acid levels within the body.

Is chicken broth bad for gout?

Chicken broth is not bad for gout if you consume it in moderation.

The main problem with chicken broth is that it contains high amounts of purines, which can trigger gout flare-ups if consumed excessively.

In fact, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center, consuming 4 grams of purines per day (about what you’d get from drinking a pound of beef) has been shown to cause symptoms of chronic kidney disease in some people with chronic gouty arthritis who already have an abnormal level of uric acid in their blood.

So how much is too much? If you’re suffering from frequent episodes or an acute attack, limit yourself to no more than two cups of chicken broth daily until your symptoms subside—and then cut back even further when you’re feeling better.

What is the best thing to drink if you have gout?

When you’re dealing with gout, it’s essential to stay hydrated.

A hydrated body can help reduce the pain of your attacks and lessen the risk for future flares.

Water is best, but you can also drink milk, cherry juice, coconut juice, green tea, or coffee—just keep in mind that these drinks also contain purines and should be consumed in moderation.

Water is your best option when it comes to staying hydrated while suffering from a gout attack.

You may also want to use vegetable broth to replace meat broth if your doctor has advised you that you need more fluids than average during an attack.

Vegetable broth can also be a vegan substitution for chicken broth or beef broth while still packed with flavor.


Gout is a painful condition that can be treated with medication and lifestyle changes.

Many foods are known to trigger foods for gout, but chicken broth is not one of them.

However, it doesn’t mean that you can drink chicken broth or eat chicken broth-based dishes without limitation.

Too much of it can lead to gout attacks, indeed.

Drinking it regularly in moderation may even help you feel better if you have gout because the sodium in its high-protein content helps reduce inflammation and swelling associated with this disease.

Another thing to keep in mind is that homemade chicken broth is always better than the store-bought version, so spend some time at weekends making your family a big pot of nutritious and delicious chicken broth.

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