Irish Food Vs. French Food: What Kind Of Food Do The Irish Eat?

In this blog post, we will be discussing the differences between Irish and French food cultures.

Although Irish cuisine is not as popular as the French counterpart, it is worth taking a look at and comparing these two cuisines to figure out what best suits your taste buds.

What is special about Irish food?

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Irish cuisine is definitely not the most famous cuisine in the world.

However, they have a special cuisine that emphasizes sourcing locally grown ingredients to create fresh dishes with less meat, more seafood, and more vegetables.

They also make use of a lot of dairy products like milk, butter, and cream to create a creamy and milky taste for many sauces, savory, and sweet dishes.

Potatoes play an important role in Irish cuisine.

This root ingredient is often boiled and mashed like being served in American cuisine, but with other veggie ingredients like cabbage and kale rather than being fried like in French cuisine.

Other carb options are bread and oat to serve in any meal of the day.

Irish food is not strong in flavor because they simply use salt and pepper to season their dishes without any special spices or herbs.

In general, the Irish people focus on the natural flavor of the ingredients with a rich taste from dairy products.  

What is special about French food?

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French food is a cuisine that has been celebrated for centuries because of its deliciousness, elegance, and variety.

French cuisine is known for its love for food, wine, and presentation of its dishes.

Unlike the American diet which consists mostly of processed and canned foods, French dishes are always made from fresh and high-quality ingredients.    

The result is that French dishes do not only taste good, look attractive, but are also nutritious and healthy.

The main cooking methods in French cuisine are sauteing, poaching, or braising.

These techniques help preserve the flavor of the ingredients and create a sharp but balanced taste.

French food is often served with some kinds of sauces, buttered bread, and wine to boost the appetite and immune system.

Each dish is served in small portions and decorated simply but elegantly.                                                        

What are the differences between Irish food vs French food?

Irish cuisine and French cuisine differ in many ways.

Below are typical differences between these two cuisines:

French food is often served with sauces whereas Irish food is served drier 

French food is often packed with some kinds of sauces, no matter if the cooking method is.

Not only soups or stews but also other dishes that are meant to be drier like sauteed meat are also served with sauces, normally cream-based, fruit, or vegetable.

Meanwhile, Irish food is not often served with sauces except for saucy dishes like soups or stews.

French cuisine uses more spices and herbs, while Irish cuisine just simply use salt and pepper

Another difference between the two cuisines is that Irish cuisine is simpler in terms of flavor.

Some common herbs and spices used in French cuisine are tarragon, chervil, and chives, parsley, or lavender to produce an elegant and flavorful taste.

On the other hand, Irish people tend to not use aromatic spices or herbs but simply season their food with salt and pepper instead.

French cuisine features more meat, while Irish cuisine features more seafood and vegetables

The French diet is often made from high-quality cuts of meat like beef rib-eye cuts, T-bone lamb cuts, or pork tenderloin.

In general, steak is dominant in their recipes.

Meanwhile, Irish cuisine seems to be heavier on seafood, especially fish, or plant-based foods.

Their meat option will be chicken instead.

The ways they cook potatoes are different from each other

Potatoes are a staple in both cuisines.

However, how each cuisine prepares this ingredient is varied.

In France, potatoes are often fried to make classic French fries or potato chips.

Meanwhile, Irish people eat mashed potatoes like Americans, but they often add butter and other kinds of vegetables like cabbage and kale to the mixture too.

French cuisine is generally more refined than Irish cuisine

In general, French food is considered a more refined and elegant cuisine compared to Irish food.

From the quality of the ingredients, the cooking methods, to the presentation of their dishes, all are made with care and delicacy.

Irish food, on the other hand, is simpler and inelegant.

What are the similarities between Irish food vs French food?

Despite some key differences between Irish food and French food, these two cuisines also have some characteristics in common: 

French food and Irish food are made from fresh ingredients

Both kinds of food are made from fresh ingredients.

They usually make use of locally sourced produce from meat to seafood and vegetables, making their dishes have a natural taste that can be achieved if using canned food.

They both make use of a lot of dairy products and potatoes

Another similarity is that Irish cuisine and French cuisine share dairy products and potatoes as their staples.

Dairy products like cream, butter, milk, or cheese are widely used in these cuisines, from savory to sweet recipes.

That’s why their dishes have a creamy texture and milky flavor.

Potatoes are another staple that can be cooked in different ways but are almost indispensable in every meal.

Which one is better?

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In the end, it seems that French is still superior to Irish cuisine.

However, there are still many people who prefer Irish food, so it all comes down to personal preference to choose a winner.

We hope you enjoyed our blog post about how Irish food and French food differ from each other and if you are not sure what kind of food suits your taste buds best, try both French food and Irish food.

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