Irish Fast-food Chain Vs. Mcdonalds: Which Type Of Fast Food Do You Prefer?

If you are looking for a quick and hearty meal, you might think that Mcdonalds is your best choice.

However, it seems to be true in America, because when it comes to Irish fast-food chains, you have so many other options that are preferred here.

Read on to learn more about Irish fast-food chains and Mcdonald’s to decide which is better for your needs.

What is special about Irish fast-food chains?

Ireland is known for its many fast-food chains, and the Irish have a love for their own cuisine.

There are a lot of American brands of fast food like Burger King, KFC, Domino’s Pizza, or McDonalds, but they also own numerous national trademarks, such as Supermac’s, Apache Pizza, and Abrakebabra.

In Ireland, there still exist some family-owned businesses out there which help foster community relationships as well as promote friendly competition between different restaurants through their slogans.

As of late 2013, Supermac’s is voted as the largest Irish-owned fast-food chain with over 100 outlet stores across Ireland and Northern Ireland.

These restaurants do not only offer some typical items like burgers and fries but also traditional Irish dishes like bangers and mash or colcannon, fish and chips. 

What is special about McDonalds food?

McDonalds is the most popular fast-food restaurant in America and in the world.

It is the largest and best-known brand that is spread over 100 countries all over the world with more than 39,000 locations.

McDonalds was established in 1949 and named after its founder, Maurice McDonald.

It makes good food at an affordable price.

McDonalds is most reputed for their best hamburgers.

They also offer a menu with a variety of dishes like cheeseburgers, chicken nuggets, French fries, pizza, or breakfast items like oatmeal or egg McMuffins served all day long. 

You can also find healthier options besides deep-fried chicken such as salads with grilled chicken or apple slices on top instead of fries.

They also have desserts like hot fudge sundaes and pies to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Many kinds of soft drinks and coffee are also available here.

What are the differences between Irish fast-food chains and McDonalds?

Many people think all fast food chains are the same.

Basically, it is true to some extent.

However, when literally trying food from different companies, you can determine the differences between them.

Irish fast-food chains also differ from McDonalds, and here are some typical differences we would like to point out:

Irish fast-food chains and McDonalds have two different origins

So besides many American chains’ presence in Ireland, they also develop many home-grown fast-food chains.

So not to mention McDonalds and other American brands in Ireland, this European country has its own fast-food chains.

McDonald’s, which has long been known as a symbol of fast food in America, was founded in 1940 in California, America.

So it is obvious that these two types of food have different origin countries.

McDonalds develops globally with a longer history, while Irish fast-food chains have more family-owned businesses

Another difference between Irish fast-food chains and McDonalds is that the latter brand seems to be well-known all over the world whereas Irish fast-food chains are mainly developed in Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Meanwhile, McDonalds has become a multinational company and it is easy for you to find an outlet in most countries in the world, from the East to the West.

Irish fast-food chains offer more traditional Irish dishes besides McDonalds menu

The last thing that sets Irish fast-food chains apart from McDonalds is that besides the classic fast food items like hamburgers or chicken nuggets in the American menu, many chains in Ireland also offer traditional Irish dishes, such as bangers and mash or colcannon, fish, and chips.

What are the similarities between Irish fast-food chains and McDonalds?

There are also several similarities between Irish fast-food chains and McDonalds, as listed below:

McDonalds is one of the top fast-food brands in Ireland

McDonalds is an international brand that can be found in many places outside America, including Ireland.

This is also one of the top fast-food chains in this European country.

Therefore, if you are a fan of McDonalds food, you can easily order some from a restaurant no matter if you are in America or Ireland.

McDonalds and Irish fast-food chains all offer basic fast food items

McDonalds or Irish fast-food chains, all are meant to provide customers with fast food, which is hamburgers, cheeseburgers, snacks, chicken nuggets, soft drinks, coffee, and many other classics.

Their dishes are quick, hearty, and delicious

Most of us find fast food really delicious and satisfying, especially when you are starving.

The cheesy and flavorful dishes smell and taste good, and are ready to serve in minutes.

However, keep in mind that fast food is not always a healthy option, and you should limit your fast food consumption to have better health.

Which one is better?

In America, McDonalds reigns supreme when it comes to fast food.

However, in Ireland, they have a variety of other fast-food chains that are preferred by locals and tourists alike.

If you want to find out which is the best option for your needs, then it’s time to give both a try.

Which do you prefer? Let us know in the comments below!

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