How To Properly Season Chicken Breast? Tips To Make Your Plain Chicken Breast More Flavorful

Chicken breasts, the most popular of all chicken cuts, are a relatively economical and versatile cut of poultry.

When it comes to cooking this lean source of protein, you might wonder how to make it more flavorful because the chicken breast is quite bland itself due to its low-fat content.

This article will help you discover how to properly season a chicken breast and what spices or herbs can greatly go with this cut of chicken.

Let’s check it out!

What is a chicken breast?

Chicken breast is white muscle meat from the pectoral section of the bird.

When shopping for chicken breasts on the market, you will mostly find the boneless skinless cut that is already divided into two halves.

Chicken breasts contain little fat and have a lean texture with a mild flavor.

If properly cooked, they can become tender and juicy.

But the low-fat level can also be a disadvantage of this cut because you can easily end up with a dry tough piece of meat.

Chicken breasts are incredibly versatile.

They can be grilled, baked, poached, fried, or pan-seared depending on your recipe preferences.

This cut is also preferred over red meat because it is packed with numerous health benefits including high levels of protein and iron which promote weight loss and help build muscle mass respectively.

They also contain selenium which supports immune function; zinc which promotes growth hormone production; vitamin B6 which helps regulate blood sugar levels; vitamin B12 which is crucial for brain development; and niacin (vitamin B3) which improves circulation and heart health.

Do you still season chicken breasts after marinating?

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Most people marinate their chicken breasts before cooking because they believe that this will help the flavor from the condiments penetrate into this mild-flavored piece of meat.

So do you still season the chicken after that while cooking?

The answer is dependable.

The flavor of a chicken breast gets absorbed nicely by marinating.

The purpose of marinating is to add flavor to the meat before cooking so that it comes out tasty when cooked.

However, if you think that your chicken doesn’t have enough bold spices in it and therefore needs further seasoning when cooked, then season it.

Otherwise, just leave it as it is after being marinated.

What can I add to chicken breasts for flavor?

The good news is that chicken breasts go well with many different condiments.

Here are some of the most common and favorite spices and herbs that can be added to flavor chicken breasts:

Salt, pepper, and lemon zest will work well.

You can also add garlic or ginger for additional flavor.

Some people like adding soy sauce or honey as well.

If you’re feeling adventurous, try some maple syrup or red wine to give it a unique kick.

If you want something more on the spicy side, mustard is always an option, you could even use hot sauce if that’s what floats your boat.

Paprika goes great with chicken too, as does thyme and basil!

How do you properly season a chicken breast?

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In fact, there are no specific ways to season a chicken breast.

However, the following tips can help your chicken breast much more flavorful:

Opt for your favorite mix of spices and herbs

If you’re unsure about what to use, opt for the most basic combination of salt and pepper.

We have mentioned many other condiments that go well with chicken breasts in the previous part.

So just use what you like to season or marinate your chicken breast to add flavor to your meat.

Consider the number of spices and herbs

Normally, most of us choose to marinate chicken breasts before cooking.

Therefore, you should consider how much has been used to marinate and when seasoned so that your dish won’t be too bold, salty, or spicy.

A shot of olive oil will do the magic

Another tip is that olive oil can help your chicken breast taste much better.

Olive oil is packed with many healthy fats and can add moisture and richness to your meat.


This is a very common question, and we hope our guide has helped you better understand how to season chicken breast.

Remember that marinating and seasoning chicken breasts are important to add flavor to the meat.

There are a variety of spices and herbs that go well with chicken breasts so you will have many options to choose from.

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