How To Freeze Pork Shoulder And Keep Its Taste?

Pork shoulder is a good but inexpensive cut of meat.

If properly cooked and if the cooking time is long enough, pork shoulder is tender and tastes amazing when served piping hot.

However, what if you cooked too much and have a leftover pork shoulder dish but you don’t want to discard it?

Let’s figure out if pork shoulder can be frozen or not and if yes, what you’ll need to do.

Can pork shoulder be frozen and reheated?

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Yes, of course, you can freeze and reheat pork shoulder even if it is the raw pork shoulder or leftover roasted or stewed pork shoulder.

If you can do it properly, you will not only lengthen the lifespan of pork shoulder for later uses but also keep its amazing flavor and texture.

How long does pork shoulder last in the freezer?

Surprisingly, you can keep pork shoulder in the freezer for a long period of time.

Fresh and cooked pork shoulder can both last about six to eight