How To Cook A Bone-in Chicken Breast In A Crock Pot?

Chicken breast has been mostly used in quick-cooking methods like roasting or grilling that only take about 30 to 40 minutes to finish.

However, do you know that you can actually slow cook this lean cut of chicken if you have a crock pot on hand?

In today’s topic, we are going to learn how to cook a bone-in chicken breast in a crock pot to result in a juicy, tender piece of meat that can be used in a variety of recipes

Let’s check it out!

What is a bone-in chicken breast?

A bone-in chicken breast is a chicken breast cut with the bone still in it.

Normally, the chicken breast that is sold on the market doesn’t come with the skin and bones.

So a bone-in chicken breast is less common than its boneless counterpart.

If you want to buy a bone-in chicken breast, it is better to head to a local market instead of a grocery store or supermarket or you can ask the butcher man to not remove the bones from this cut for you

The presence of bones will make this cut take a longer time to be cooked, however, it adds extra flavor to your dish indeed.

Can a bone-in chicken breast be cooked in the crock pot?

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Yes, you can cook a bone-in chicken breast in a crock pot.

Generally speaking, a bone-in chicken breast or a boneless chicken breast can be cooked in just any way you like, including cooking it in a crock pot.

Slow-cooking takes a longer time, but the result is gonna be worth it.

You will have a succulent, tender, juicy piece of meat that is easily pulled apart and used for sandwiches, salads, or tacos

Instead of using a fatty cut like a chicken leg, beef chuck, or pork shoulder, chicken breast is lower in fat and will be a healthier alternative in this case.

How to cook a bone-in chicken breast in the crock pot?

To cook a bone-in chicken breast in the crock pot, you will need a liquid (can be water or stock) and your favorite spices and herbs to season.

Add some vegetables to the crock pot with your chicken as it cooks, like chopped carrots and celery as they’ll add flavor to your dish and you will feel thankful.

When everything is ready, let the crock pot do the rest.

A bone-in chicken breast will take about six to seven hours in the crock pot on low, or three to four hours on high.

It’s important that you use a meat thermometer to make sure that your meat is fully cooked and reaches the desired doneness before serving it.

You can use the meat thermometer to check if the internal temperature of the chicken breast reaches 165 degrees F, this is when your meat is ready to be taken out from the pot.

How do you keep the chicken breast from drying out in the crock pot?

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Many people think that chicken breast that is cooked in the crock pot or slow cooker won’t get dry and tough because of the long cooking time.

In fact, your bone-in chicken breast can be dried out in the crock pot if properly cooked.

If it has been cooked for too long, the meat can be pretty dry and tough than it should be.

So you should cook your chicken breast for only the recommended period of time mentioned above.

Use a slow cooker with a timer so that you don’t have to worry about forgetting it or accidentally leaving it on too long.


When it comes to cooking a bone-in chicken breast in a crock pot, there are several tips to achieve your delicious meal.

It’s important that you make sure your meat is properly cooked before serving it, so make sure all juices run clear when cutting into the thickest part of the meat with a knife or fork, and the texture is just so tender that can melt in your mouth without losing its moisture

Hopefully, you find this article useful in helping you cook a bone-in chicken breast in a crock pot successfully.

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