How To Clean Pork Rib: A Complete Guide

Pork is a wonderful ingredient that is packed with essential nutrients, minerals, and high-quality proteins.

Among many types of meat cuts, pork ribs are outstanding due to the delicious taste and their versatility.

However, do you know how to correctly prepare this amazing meaty ingredient and do they require a clean before cooking? If you have these questions, you will find the answers in this article.

What are pork ribs?

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Pork ribs are a meat cut in a hog that includes meat and bone together.

While pork chops usually come from the loin portion, back ribs tend to go up to the shoulders.

However, depending on the cut of the butchery on which part of the pig, the thickness of meat and bones, and the ratio of fat.

Due to the different cuts of pork ribs, they can have distinctive texture and flavor, which are suitable for each specific cooking method.