How To Clean Pork Chitterling? Washing Pork Chitlins At Home Is Not Difficult As You Think

Pork chitterlings are sometimes discarded, but in some parts of the world, especially in Asian and Southern cuisines, this kind of food is very popular.

People enjoy eating pork chitlins on special occasions, or just on a regular basis.

However, the big problem when it comes to preparing this pork ingredient is that it is usually packed with a bad and hard-to-remove odor.

So how to clean pork chitterlings properly?

Let’s figure it out in this article.

What are pork chitterlings?

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To make sure you understand what pork chitterlings actually are, here is the simplest explanation.

Pork chitterlings are literally pork intestines.

Therefore, there will be some feces inside them that need to be well removed before cooking.

Pork chitterlings have a special taste that is very hard to describe.

The main flavor will actually depend on the spices used to marinate and season the ingredient.

Pork chitlins are likely to be chewy if improperly cooked, but they turn