Angus Beef Vs Hereford Beef: What’s The Difference?

hereford beef vs angus

Different beef types taste different.

Some people think that the flavor of Angus beef is better than the taste of Hereford beef, while others think oppositely.

So what will be the truth? This post will explore some differences between these two types of beef so you can decide which one is best for you on your own.

What is Hereford beef?

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Hereford beef is the beef production from a type of cattle that comes from the Hereford breed, hence the name.

The Hereford cows are typically brown and white in color with some variations like red, black, or roan.

The cows have been around since 1066 when they were first bred by Lord Walter de la Haye who was also the Earl of Hereford.

It originated in the county of Herefordshire, England, and was brought to the United States around the 1870s.

A lot has changed since then, but one thing remains true: this ancient breed produces high-quality meat that many people enjoy today.

Hereford beef has exceptionally high quality with great flavor because the cows from this breed are well taken care of before being slaughtered.

People use natural methods and never give antibiotics or hormones to the animals.

There are many benefits to eating Hereford beef because they are naturally leaner than other types of meat due to their natural diet and lower body fat content.

Not only do they have fewer calories per ounce but they also contain more essential vitamins and minerals including iron, phosphorus, zinc, vitamin A, and B12.

This makes them an ideal protein source for people who want to eat healthier while still ensuring to satisfy their taste buds.

What is Angus beef?

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Angus beef is considered one of the top three breeds and has a reputation for being flavorful, tender, juicy, and marbled.

It’s also well-suited to grilling.

It is also the most popular breed in America.

This type of cow breed comes in two different colors, black and red.

However, the red type is rarer and is not recognized by the American Angus Association.

Therefore, all the packages of beef cuts that are labeled “Angus” are from the black breed.

The breed originated in Scotland with cattle farmers who wanted their cattle to have more meat on them.

Therefore, Angus cows have a thick layer of fat on top of the muscles to protect themselves from the cold weather climates with high winds and rough terrain.

They succeeded because today Angus beef weighs about 27% more than other breeds.

This increased weight comes from its higher percentage of fat which makes it extremely flavorful and perfect for cooking at high temperatures like grilling.

What are the differences between Hereford beef vs Angus?

These two kinds of beef are from two different cow breeds, therefore, they are actually different in some ways, which we will get into details in the comparison table below.

 Hereford beefAngus beef
OriginHereford, EnglandScotland
TextureTender with natural marbling, but a bit less fat than Angus beefHave more marbling fat and less connective tissue, making the Angus beef more tender and juicier
TasteFlavorful and succulentMore flavorful and moist

What are the similarities between Hereford beef vs Angus beef?

When reaching this part, you must have thought that these two kinds of beef are nothing related to each other because they come from two distinct breeds.

However, in fact, Hereford beef and Angus beef share some similarities as listed below:

1. Hereford and Angus cows are primarily raised for meat production

Hereford and Angus cattle are fed a balanced diet to make them reach their large size with adequate lean meat and fat ratio in them.

You will find these cuts from either Hereford or Angus cows are leaner and have more marbling fat than regular beef.

2. They are high-quality beef

The reason why beef from Hereford and Angus breeds is high-quality is that these cows are surrounded by a healthy environment and balanced diets, which results in perfectly delicious meat.

Hereford beef and Angus beef also provide us with essential vitamins and nutrients that are extremely helpful to our health.

It is not surprising that the beef cuts from either breed will cost more than the conventional.

3. They can be cooked the same way

Since Hereford and Angus beef have a perfect ratio of flesh and marbling fat, they are perfect to be grilled or cooked over high heat to produce the best beef dish that is succulent, moist, and flavorful with a hint of smoke.

Which one is better?

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There are numerous differences between Angus and Hereford beef.

Both types of meat have different tastes, textures, fat content, and probably price point.

But which one tastes better? Taste is subjective, so you’ll need to figure it out and decide for yourself.

When you’re deciding what kind of steak meat you want for your next meal, take into account how powerful its flavor will be relative to other types available at the store or butcher shop before making a decision on what kind to buy.

So now, would you let us know which do you like best?

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