6 Side Dishes To Go With Your Hawaiian-style Pulled Pork

hawaiian pulled pork side dish

Are you looking for an interesting dish to serve with your Hawaiian pulled pork?

If so, you will want to read the whole article below to grab some useful information about what is best to serve with Hawaiian pulled pork and how to know if your decision was right.

Let’s get started!

What is Hawaiian pulled pork?

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Hawaiian pulled pork is a famous dish that calls for pork shoulder and pineapple sauce as the two main ingredients.

The pork is slow-cooked with a mixture of pineapple juice, brown sugar, stock, garlic, ginger, and ketchup, making the flavor very Hawaiian.

The tender cooked pork shoulder is then shredded (or pulled) into small pieces of meat, hence the name, using two forks or hands. 

A part of the pineapple mixture is kept and mixed with a thickening agent like cornstarch to create a thicker sauce to toss with pulled pork for a more flavorful result.

What to consider when choosing a Hawaiian pulled pork’s side dish?

Much debate has arisen lately on what the best side dish is to accompany Hawaiian pulled pork.

If you are unsure what to serve with this succulent and juicy dish, here are some things you should keep in mind:

Hawaiian pulled pork can be served with a variety of side dishes

Hawaiian pulled pork can be treated as an ingredient for other recipes, or as a meat dish with other things on the side, from a starchy side to a vegetable one.

This provides you with more options to choose from to satisfy different taste buds.

A side dish should complement the Hawaiian pulled pork without overpowering it

Another tip is that you should opt for a side dish that has a milder flavor than pulled pork.

Since the pork shoulder is cooked in a flavorful sauce and even tossed in this sauce before serving, Hawaiian pulled pork is bold in flavor and should be paired with a side dish that has a milder taste.

This will help your meal be more harmonious without being too heavy and the two dishes overpowering each other.

6 best side dishes to serve with Hawaiian pulled pork

Now, let’s take a closer look at the six following Hawaiian pulled pork side dishes to choose your favorite one:

1.     Buns

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What is more classic than a Hawaiian pulled pork sandwich?

Serve your pulled pork with two buns and place the meat in the middle with or without some veggies.

You can have a delicious meal in minutes to enjoy as a breakfast, brunch, snack, or even for lunch or dinner.

2.     Rice pilaf

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Rice pilaf is another suggestion to serve with your Hawaiian pulled pork.

This dish is commonly eaten in South Asian, Central Asian, and Middle Eastern regions.

You can mix your Hawaiian pulled pork in this flavorful rice dish to create a complete meal in one plate/bowl.

3.     Salad

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Salad can be another great side dish option to accompany Hawaiian pulled pork if you want something lighter.

Different kinds of raw veggies are mixed together and coated in a favorite salad dressing will definitely balance your taste buds while eating Hawaiian pulled pork.

4.     Coleslaw

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You can also serve your Hawaiian pulled pork with coleslaw for the best result.

There are many variants for this recipe, and it all depends on personal preference to opt for a favorite recipe.

Coleslaw has a crunchy texture that is in contrast to tender and juicy pulled pork, making your meal more satisfying.

5.     Roasted vegetables

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Roasted vegetables can be another good accompaniment for your Hawaiian pulled pork.

Roasted vegetables can be made from different kinds of veggies like potatoes, carrots, broccoli, asparagus, or eggplants.

This dish is easy to make and also packed with flavors and healthy nutrients. 

6.     Baked beans

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Baked beans are another good side dish to serve with your Hawaiian pulled pork.

This side dish is a combination of vegan protein and essential nutrients from lentils.

Baked beans can help keep you fuller without making you feel unpleasant.

The bottom line

We have provided you with some ideas for what you can offer as part of an appetizer or main course with Hawaiian pulled pork.

You should now be able to make an informed decision about which side dish is best to accompany your juicy and flavorful Hawaiian-style pulled pork.

Let’s give these Hawaiian pulled pork side dishes a try and you can find out your decision.

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