5 Easy But Mouth-watering Side Dishes To Pair With Your Harissa Chicken

harissa chicken side dish

What to serve with harissa chicken is a question that many housewives have wondered over the years.

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There is nothing more satisfying recipe than a good and hearty chicken dish for dinner.

So what side dishes will work best in this case?

Let’s unravel it in this article.

What is harissa chicken?

Harissa chicken is a dish in which chicken is marinated in a harissa thick paste before being grilled.

Harissa is commonly found in North African countries, and it is often made of hot peppers, oil, and different kinds of spices.

This makes your chicken flavorful and juicy when cooked.

Harissa chicken has a savory, smoky, citrusy, and peppery taste that pairs well with different kinds of side dishes.

Therefore, it typically works as a perfect entree for any occasion with other accompaniments on the side.

What to consider when choosing a harissa chicken’s side dish?

As already mentioned, the savory taste of harissa chicken makes it perfect to pair with a side dish.

But how to know if you have chosen the right recipe to serve with your harissa chicken?

Let’s refer to the following tips from us:

Harissa chicken is often served with a grain or vegetable side dish

A meat-based entree always goes well with a starchy side dish that is made from some kinds of grains, or a vegetable recipe.

The reason is that you have protein and savory taste in the meat dish already, so it’s better to pair it with a dish that contains carbs and/or vitamins and minerals from other ingredients like grains or veggies.

These side dishes often also have a mild and refreshing taste which can balance the rich taste of your main course.

Consider turning your harissa chicken meal into a more African way

Do you want to experience the African spirit in your kitchen?

It’s great to serve harissa chicken with other staples from African cuisine.

Couscous is one of the most classic and typical ingredients from this continent that you should try and have on your menu.

5 best side dishes to serve with harissa chicken

The following five side dish ideas will absolutely help complement your harissa chicken without any fuss:

1.     Couscous

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Couscous is a staple ingredient in North Africa, especially in some countries like Morocco or Algeria.

It has the same texture as steamed rice and is often cooked the same way as other grains.

Couscous is nuttier and more nutritious than rice, and it is also an economical option to serve in daily meals as a good companion for meat dishes.

2.     Steamed rice

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You can use steamed rice to substitute for couscous and serve alongside your harissa chicken.

Steamed rice is affordable and has a mild taste that pairs well with different savory dishes.

White rice is more popular, but brown rice is considered more nutritious.

3.     Roasted vegetables

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You can also serve your harissa chicken with roasted vegetables.

This classic vegetable dish is easy to make and it will make your meal more nutritious and balanced.

Opt for a green type of veggie like broccoli, cauliflower, or asparagus for a more appealing and balanced presentation.

4.     Glazed carrots

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Carrots are a common kind of vegetable that can be cooked in different ways.

And you will love how glazed carrots complement your harissa chicken.

The sweet flavor of glazed carrots makes it a nice addition to offset the tangy and peppery taste of the chicken that is cooked with harissa paste.

5.     Salad

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A bowl of salad never becomes old-fashioned when you want something refreshing to balance the rich and savory taste of your meat dish.

There are numerous salad recipes for you to choose from, with different combinations of ingredients (normally raw veggies and fruits) and a tangy/creamy dressing.

No matter what salad recipe you are going to stick with, it can make your meal more palatable.

The bottom line

As you can see, there are many different side dishes that can complement your Cuban-style roasted pork.

If you are still unsure what to serve with your next batch of harissa chicken, let’s give all of these accompaniments a try, in turn, to have your answer.

After trying, we would be happy to hear from you what side dish goes best with your harissa chicken in your opinion.