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7 Surprising Reasons Why Ground Pork Smells Just Like an Egg!

We have been cooking with ground pork for years.

But the one thing that always bothers any home cook or even a professional chef is the sulfur or rotten egg smell from ground pork in some cases.

So what is the main culprit of this unpleasant smell and how to get rid of it?

Keep reading and learn more about this topic.

Why does my ground pork smell like eggs?

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There are some reasons that explain the rotten egg smell in your ground pork.

Check the following chances to see what can make your ground pork smell like eggs:

The pork wasn’t properly stored and had gone bad before being ground

The rotten egg smell might be a sign of spoiled meat.

If your ground pork has an eggy smell right after you open the package or while cooking, chances are the pork wasn’t properly stored and has gone bad.

The bacteria Salmonella and E.

coli are normally what cause the eggy smell in your ground pork.

The lack of oxygen in the package of ground pork

Sometimes, when the ground pork is vacuumed in the package and you figure out the unusual smell after opening it, it might be due to the lack of oxygen.

Your ground pork can come with other weird smells, and sulfur or rotten egg is one of the common odors in meat that is improperly packaged.

Is it safe to eat ground pork that smells like eggs?

We cannot say for sure about the quality of the ground pork just based on its smell.

Although the eggy smell is quite unpleasant and nasty if it is pungent, it might be safe in some cases when the meat has no problem at all and the smell disappears gradually.

However, most of the time, ground pork that smells like eggs indicates spoiled meat.

This means if you put your family’s health on top of everything, you should discard the meat and find a substitute or buy another package of ground pork with higher quality.

How to get rid of the eggy smell from ground pork?

We all know how frustrating it can be when there is an eggy smell coming out from the package of ground pork that you have just brought home from your local butcher shop or supermarket.

So to get rid of this nasty smell in your ground pork, there are some tips that might help you lower the chance of buying a smelly package of ground pork:

Look for ground pork from a reputable store and brand

Niman Ranch Ground Pork, 1 lb

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Don’t let the cheap price fool you.

The price of the meat can partially tell us about the quality of it.

Therefore, just look for ground pork that is sold in a reputable store and brand to make sure that your pork is of high quality.

It might be a bit pricier, but the result is worth the price.

Check the quality of the package of ground pork carefully

Besides opting for a good place and brand to buy ground pork, you should also check the condition of the package.

It should be clean, sealed tightly, and has any necessary information printed on it.

Check the best-by date so that you can have the proper plan to store and consume the ground pork.

Make your own ground pork from a fresh and clean cut of pork

If you have time, the best way is still to make your own ground pork so that you will never end up with low-quality store-bought ground pork.

Buy a fresh cut of pork (pork shoulder is the best) from your local butcher, rinse it well with some salt and water, pat dry, and grind it to have the best ground pork without any weird odor.

The bottom line

It is important to know how ground pork can come with a sulfur-free smell.

The best thing you can do to ensure your ground pork is always fresh and tasty without any unexpected smell is to grind it yourself.

Just choose a fresh cut of pork shoulder and finely chop it with a sharp knife or a meat grinder so that you have the best ground pork for your next BBQ party or any recipe you like.

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