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7 Reasons Ground Pork Smells Like Corn That You Never Knew Before!

Ground pork is a quick and delicious way to have for your dinner or any meal of the day.

However, sometimes, this ingredient is packed with an unusual smell that needs to take further look to make sure it is safe to keep.

Besides some risky smells like sulfur, ammonia, or chlorine, what if your ground pork smells like corn?

Keep reading our article to find out more information about ground pork that smells like corn and see if it is a dangerous or normal sign.

Why does my ground pork smell like corn?

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Your ground pork smells like corn is not the end of the world, but it does affect how you cook with it.

So what causes this smell in your ground pork?

Here are some reasons that might be the answer that you have looked for all that time:

Ground pork contains too much cornmeal

Normally, ground meat contains a bit of breadcrumb that helps absorb the natural juices from the meat and release it out when your burgers or meatballs rest to achieve a juicy texture.

Some people substitute cornmeal for breadcrumbs to act the same way.

But if you add too much cornmeal to your ground pork, the meat will smell like corn.

Although corn odor is not that unpleasant, it smells good indeed, it does affect the quality of your dish.

Your ground pork is placed next to corn products

The other reason that might make your ground pork smell like corn is that it is placed next to corn products.

Cornmeal, cornbread, corn, corn oil, and corn syrup are some common corn products that typically appear around your kitchen.

If there are so many corn products surrounding the ground pork, the flavor of your meat might be a little bit affected.

Is it safe to eat ground pork that smells like corn?

Normally, ground pork that comes with a corn-like smell is safe to eat because as already mentioned, it is just due to the strong corn flavor from other corn products that affect your package of ground pork.

However, if you notice other signs of spoilage in your ground pork beside the corn smell, it should be an alert to check the meat carefully and see whether it is safe to eat or not.

For example, if your ground pork is moldy or has a slimy texture, you should discard it instead of cooking it.

How to get rid of the corn smell from ground pork?

Any weird smell that comes out from your package of ground pork beside the natural pork flavor can make your dish less appealing.

Although the corn smell is not that off-putting or dangerous, many people might want to remove this scent or get rid of it so that their ground pork dishes will always be delicious and fresh.

Here we provide some simple methods that can help you stay away from the corn smell in your ground pork:

Cover the package of ground pork carefully

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To keep your ground pork away from other surrounding smells, you should always cover it carefully.

No matter if the ground pork is placed at room temperature on your kitchen counter, in the fridge, or in the freezer, it should always be contained in an airtight container.

This will not only help your ground pork have a fresh smell of meat but also be away from any weird odor, including the corn smell.

Make sure that you add a sufficient amount of cornmeal to your ground pork

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The second thing you can do to keep your ground pork away from the corn smell is to add a sufficient amount of cornmeal to the mixture.

Normally, to have a juicier pork burger or meatloaf, you might want to add some breadcrumbs or cornmeal.

So just use what the recipe calls for in an adequate amount so that the ground pork will taste flavorful without any specific smell overpowering.

The bottom line

In conclusion, it can be safe to eat ground pork that smells like corn.

At least a corn-like odor is not unpleasant and if your meat comes without any other signs of spoilage, it is just the result of adding too much cornmeal.

When in doubt, just ask the seller where you buy the ground pork for further and deeper information about the origin and ingredients of the ground pork.

If you are in with a good chance, they might give you a refund or a replacement for another better package of ground pork.

Good luck!

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