6 Perfect Companions To Pair With Grilled Pork Loin

grilled pork loin side dish

Pork loin is a great cut of pork because it is not only delicious but also healthy.

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When it comes to grilled pork loin, there are many side dishes for you to choose from.

So fire up the grill, get cooking, and choose one of the following side dishes to serve with your grilled pork loin.

What is grilled pork loin?

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Grilled pork loin is a simple and healthy dinner option that the whole family can enjoy.

Pork loin is the leanest cut of pork so it is low in fat and calories.

Grilling pork loin is an easy task that only requires easy-to-find ingredients and equipment to result in a beautiful, grill-marked crust while the inside remains juicy and pink.

Pork loin can be seasoned with salt and pepper only, or the rub can also contain different spices and herbs.

This meat cut can also be marinated in some kind of sauce (like BBQ sauce) before being grilled.

Grilled pork loin often appears in a BBQ party, or it can be served on a casual weeknight dinner, with other sides surrounding it.

What to consider when choosing a side dish to serve with grilled pork loin?

There are some rules that can help you choose the right side dish to accompany grilled pork loin.

Take into account the flavor profile of the pork loin

Grilled pork loin doesn’t always come with a particular flavor.

Therefore, when choosing a side dish for grilled pork loin, you should consider the flavor profile of the meat.

It can be marinated with a dry rub or sauce, and the flavor can be sweet, tangy, or spicy.

Depending on each case, you should choose a side dish that can help complement the flavor of the main course.

Choose a side dish that is filling and starchy or a light one

You can opt for a filling side dish that is often made from grains or starchy root vegetables to serve with your grilled pork loin.

Otherwise, a light option (usually containing a lot of vegetables) will satisfy the person who is looking for something healthy and won’t upset their stomach.

6 best side dishes to serve with grilled pork loin

If you are looking for ideas to make a good side dish for grilled pork loin, check out our six recipes below:

1.     Fried rice with vegetables

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Fried rice is a common side dish in Asian cuisine to accompany different meat-based dishes.

The recipe often contains some chopped vegetables for a more colorful appearance and flavorful taste.

Plus, this filling dish can help keep you fuller without breaking your budget.

2.     Roasted sweet potatoes

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Another side dish that you can try with grilled pork loin is roasted sweet potatoes.

Sweet potatoes are an affordable option that has the similar starchy texture but sweeter taste than regular potatoes.

This ingredient is best when roasted with some garlic and/or herbs, and topped with butter or cream before serving.

This simple but delicious side dish will go perfectly with the savory and smoky taste of grilled pork loin, resulting in a balanced and hearty meal that the whole family will enjoy.

3.     Mac and cheese

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Mac and cheese is a classic American side dish that is ideal for any meal.

This iconic combination results in a creamy, cheesy, savory dish that is pretty high in calories, so you won’t want to consume it in your daily meal.

4.     French fries

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One more classic accompaniment to be on the side of grilled pork loin is French fries.

French fries are actually fried potato sticks.

They are sold in any fast-food restaurant or can be made at home without any fuss.

You can opt for plain French fries, or make them more flavorful by sprinkling some kinds of powdered spices per your preference before serving.

This crispy snack is no longer strange to most of us, but not everyone knows how great they are as a side dish for grilled pork loin.

5.     Grilled asparagus

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Asparagus can be considered the top choice for grilling.

This vegetable is packed with a crunchy texture, plenty of nutrients, and a delicious flavor that resembles broccoli and green beans.

Grilled asparagus can be cooked on the same grill with pork loin, so you will have a hearty meal while saving a lot of time.

6.     Salad

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Last but not least, serving your grilled pork loin with some salad will be a great idea too.

There are countless ways to make a good salad as you can combine different types of veggies, fruits, or grains with each other following no rule.

A salad is a rich source of plenty of vitamins and minerals, and it is not bland like most people think.

You can use a tangy or creamy dressing to make these ingredients packed with flavors and more interesting to enjoy.

What is more suitable than a meat dish like grilled pork loin combined with a vegetable side to result in a balanced and nutritious meal, right?

The bottom line

Grilled pork loin is a nutritious and mouth-watering dish that goes well with a variety of side dishes.

All of them are classic and favored in many cuisines.

Ultimately, choosing one or several side dishes to accompany your grilled pork loin is up to you.

So feel free to experiment and you can find out what your taste buds crave more.