6 Side Dish Recipes To Pair With Your Green Chicken Chili

green chicken chili side dish

Is there anything more comforting on a cold winter night than a delicious bowl of green chicken chili?

This recipe is easy to make and sure to satisfy even the pickiest eater.

If you are finding ways to make this dish better by serving it with other sides, you can find some great ideas in this article.

Read on and grab some information!

What is green chicken chili?

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Green chicken chili is a delicious dish that is packed with protein and fiber.

It is made from shredded or ground chicken cooked in chicken broth, salsa verde, onion, jalapeno, and other typical Mexican spices.

Green chicken chili has a thick texture with a light green color from the salsa verde.

It is perfect for a winter meal and sure to warm you up from the inside out with rich and hearty flavors.

This dish is commonly eaten in Mexican cuisine as well as in other Latin American countries.

What to consider when choosing a green chicken chili’s side dish?

Green chicken chili is a delicious and healthy dish to enjoy.

However, looking for a good side dish to complement this recipe is not an easy thing to do.

There are many options out there that can make you feel overwhelmed.

So here we have narrowed down and listed out some things to consider when making your decision for the best side dish to serve with your green chicken chili:

It is best to pair green chicken chili with a Mexican side dish

The green chicken chili recipe calls for many Mexican stapled spices and ingredients, so it will be better to pair this dish with another Mexican side dish.

The flavors in these dishes will blend perfectly with each other to result in a balanced meal that can wow any guest.

Serving green chicken chili with something crispy will be a great idea

Sometimes, the contrast in the textures or flavors of different dishes in a meal can actually work and make your meal more harmonious.

Therefore, with a rich, creamy, and tender dish like a green chicken chili, it will be great to have a crispy side dish to serve alongside this thick soup.

6 best side dishes to serve with green chicken chili

Let’s take a look at our six recipe ideas for the best side dish to serve with green chicken chili:

1.     Tortilla chips

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What is more traditional than some crushed tortilla chips when it comes to Mexican cuisine?

This side dish is perfect to serve with your green chicken chili, either in the same bowl or on the side.

Tortilla chips are crispy and delicious, and they pair well with different meat-based dishes that have a thick and creamy texture like a chili.

2.     Salad

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You can also serve your green chicken chili with a bowl of salad.

Since the main dish is quite thick and heavy, you will need something lighter to balance it out.

And salad is a good choice in this case.

Although there are many recipes for a good salad, they are often meant to provide a refreshing flavor and crunchy texture to offset the greasy or hearty taste of the main course.

3.     Sour cream

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A dollop of sour cream is another classic side dish to serve with green chicken chili.

It is even topped on the surface of the chili bowl as a garnished ingredient to make the dish look more professional and appealing.

Sour cream, as the name implies, has a sour taste that will help balance the rich and savory taste of your green chicken chili.

4.     Flatbread

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Flatbread is another side dish for you to accompany green chicken chili.

You can choose between naan bread from Indian cuisine or pita bread from Greek cuisine in this case, but they are all meant to scoop up the thick curry-like sauce of the chili and make the bread more flavorful.

5.     Mexican coleslaw

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What is better than serving a Mexican main dish with a Mexican side?

Therefore, Mexican coleslaw will be a choice that needs consideration.

The perfect blend of Mexican spices in these dishes will result in a balanced meal that is sure to satisfy everyone.

6.     Corn on the cob

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Corn on the cob is another Mexican staple that pairs well with a variety of meat-based dishes, including green chicken chili.

The best part about this dish is that it is affordable and very easy to make, but the result will not be as simple as the process.

The bottom line

Now you know how to spice up your meal with green chicken chili and some mouth-watering side dishes that are mentioned above.

Hopefully, you find this article helpful in helping you choose the right side dish for the right occasion when you have green chicken chili on the table as the main course.

Thanks for reading!

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