3 Gluten-free Substitutes For The Cream Of Chicken Soup: A Solution For Gluten Intolerants

gluten free cream of chicken soup substitute

The blog post will be about some typical gluten-free substitutes for the cream of chicken soup.

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They are not only delicious but also healthy and good for people who cannot tolerate gluten.

What is a cream of chicken soup?

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Cream of chicken soup is a creamy and comforting dish that can be eaten by itself, with other foods, or as a cooking ingredient in many recipes.

It typically consists of chicken stock, chicken meat, butter, flour, milk, and spices or herbs per preference.

As the name implies, cream of chicken soup has a creamy texture and milky flavor from dairy products, with a mildly sweet taste of chicken.

This dish can be made at home with some easy-to-find ingredients, or also widely bought in a canned form.

Cream of chicken soup is often used to make casseroles or chicken pot pies, as well as chowders or bisques.

Since being made from various ingredients, the cream of chicken soup is packed with many nutrients, such as protein, B-vitamins, phosphorus, selenium, iron, niacin, folate, or magnesium from chicken, with calcium and vitamin A from dairy products.

 However, it is also reputed for being high in fat and calories.

The store-bought version is especially loaded with a high sodium content, which is not good for your heart health when consumed in the long term.

Can you substitute cream of chicken soup in cooking recipes?

We bet many of us have encountered the situation where we want to make the best casseroles or mac and cheese with chicken, but there is no cream of chicken soup left in the kitchen.

The good news is there are more options than we thought that can substitute cream of chicken soup in a variety of recipes.

There are some ingredients that can replicate either the taste or texture of cream of chicken soup, while some work exactly like your conventional cream of chicken soup.

Notably, for someone who has a gluten-free diet, there are also a few options of gluten-free cream of chicken soup substitutes for you to choose from.

What gluten-free substitutes can be used to replace the cream of chicken soup?

Now you know that there are a number of gluten-free alternatives for the cream of chicken soup available out there to help you enjoy delicious dishes without worrying about your gluten tolerance.

So what are they?

1. Gluten-free canned cream of chicken soup

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Luckily, there are some brands of canned cream of chicken soup that produce gluten-free versions of this product like Great Value or Progresso.

So how do you know this can of cream of chicken soup is gluten-free? Just look for this information on the label.

There must be a “gluten-free” note on the package of the product, referring that this item is produced from gluten-free ingredients to serve gluten-intolerant customers.

2. Homemade cream of chicken soup made with gluten-free ingredients

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Homemade cream of chicken soup is also a solution if you want to substitute the regular canned counterpart with something free of gluten.

You can use gluten-free chicken stock, oil or butter, gluten-free flour or cornflour, and whole milk or nut milk like plain almond milk and plain coconut milk.

This combination will result in much healthier gluten in your creamy chicken soup.

3. Plain Greek yogurt

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Another substitute that is out of gluten for the cream of chicken soup is plain Greek yogurt.

Greek yogurt is known for its thicker consistency compared to regular kinds of yogurt and is also healthier for us because it has been strained to clarify the whey content.

Remember to use the plain version without any flavor and some chicken meat so that your dish can achieve a creamy texture like when using the cream of chicken soup without changing the flavor profile.

The bottom line

If you want to spice up your meal with something creamy and tasty like casseroles or chicken pot pies, cream of chicken soup is the way to go.

However, to make sure that your diet is free of gluten, there are some notes for you when choosing a gluten-free replacement for regular cream of chicken soup.

Hopefully, our list above has helped your next shopping trip easier when choosing a gluten-free cream of chicken soup substitute.