7 Side Dishes That Perfectly Go With Fried Chicken Wings

fried chicken wing side dish

Who doesn’t love the crispy and savory fried chicken wings?

Why trust me?

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But it is quite boring to serve this dish alone, so which is the best side dish to accompany fried chicken wings?

Let’s figure it out in this post.

What are fried chicken wings?

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Basically, fried chicken wings are chicken wings that are deep-fried until they achieve a beautiful golden color and crispy crust.

Normally, chicken wings are dredged in seasoned flour or batter, followed by a layer of breadcrumbs before being fried so that the result becomes more crispy.

Chicken wings can also come with a kind of sauce (like buffalo sauce) depending on the recipe.

Traditionally, chicken wings are fried in a large frying pan with a lot of oil.

But they can be cooked in the oven or air-fryer to cut down some fat intake without sacrificing the crispy texture of the original version.

Fried chicken wings can be made at home or found in many restaurants as a snack or appetizer.

What to consider when choosing a side dish to serve with fried chicken wings?

If you want to choose a good side dish for your crispy fried chicken wings, keep the following things in mind:

Comfort food is a good way to go to pair with fried chicken wings

Fried chicken wings are a famous comfort dish that often appears in any fast-food restaurant.

Therefore, they go really well with other comfort foods like onion rings, French fries, or cornbread.

The whole meal will be relatively high in calories and fat, so it should be consumed occasionally instead.

Consider if you want a filling or a light side dish for fried chicken wings

The second thing to keep in mind is that you can opt for a filling side or a light one depending on your preference or purpose.

A filling side dish will be more suitable to enjoy in the daytime to give you energy for the whole day, while a light dish will help keep your stomach relaxed at night.

7 best side dishes to serve with fried chicken wings

Here are the six side dishes that we find best to serve with fried chicken wings.

Read on to choose the recipe that is ideal for your taste buds:

1.     Mac and cheese

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Mac and cheese is an iconic combination in American cuisine.

It is cheesy, salty, and creamy.

Although this dish is pretty high in calories, no one can resist its deliciousness and how it helps boost your mood whenever you eat mac and cheese.

2.     Cornbread

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We cannot ignore a Southern staple like cornbread to serve with fried chicken wings in this case.

Cornbread is one of the easiest baking recipes that every home cook should try.

This side dish has a mildly sweet and aromatic corn flavor, so it tastes very pleasant instead of being too sweet like other sweet cakes.

It is also very affordable because the main ingredient is cornmeal which can be found anywhere in the world.

3.     Fried rice

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If you want to try something more Asian with your fried chicken wings, fried rice is the way to go.

Fried rice looks and tastes more appealing than plain steamed rice.

It also often contains some vegetables for added nutrients and flavors.

4.     Onion rings

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Frying onions is a great way to enjoy this veggie without feeling the pungent taste of onions.

Onion rings can be consumed as a snack or side dish, so they pair well with fried chicken wings.

Onions also provide you with some essential vitamins and minerals that chicken doesn’t have.

However, since your meal is loaded with fried things, you better watch out for the portion per serving to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

5.     Baked sweet potatoes

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The fifth suggestion from us is to serve fried chicken wings with baked sweet potatoes.

Sweet potatoes are a little sweeter than regular potatoes, but they have the same starchy and filling texture that can keep you full for a while.

You can leave the skin intact while baking to achieve a crispy coat.

Top baked sweet potatoes with some butter or cream for a creamy finish.

6.     Mashed potatoes

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Another great side dish that is worth trying is mashed potatoes.

This dish is an American classic that is commonly eaten throughout the country as a good side for many meat-based dishes.

Mashed potatoes have numerous variants because you can add whatever spice, herb, or ingredient to the dish to achieve the flavor that you like.

7.     Avocado salad

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An avocado salad will end our list, but it will be sure to satisfy your taste buds.

Since fried chicken wings are quite high in calories and fat, the healthiness of avocado salad will make you feel less guilty when eating comfort food.

Avocado is nutritious on its own, and it is often mixed with other veggies like bell pepper, onion, and tomatoes to make the resulting dish even more flavorful and packed with plenty of nutrients.

The bottom line

Fried chicken wings are tempting on their own, but they can be elevated when paired with the right side dish.

We have gathered the seven best recipes that are flavorful, easy to make, and economical so that you can refresh your meal with different options.

Which side dish is most appealing to you on the side of fried chicken wings?