Ethiopian Food Vs. Somali Food: Which Cuisine Is Better For You?

Somali food is a lot like Ethiopian food.

Somali dishes are often referred to as “Ethiopian” due to the fact that it was brought over by Ethiopians, but they have their own unique spices and techniques in preparation.

In this article, we will be comparing these two Eastern African cuisines to see how they differ from each other.

After that, you can determine for yourself which cuisine sounds better for you.

What is special about Ethiopian food?

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Ethiopian food is a diverse cuisine but has been largely unknown to many people until recently.

Ethiopian food is more than just a cuisine.

It’s a culture with its own unique dress code and customs.

The key ingredients are berbere spice mix, which includes chili powder, ginger, garlic powder, and cardamom among other spices; niter kibbeh (spiced butter); mitmita (chickpea flour) for making the spongy pancakes that are used instead of bread as an accompaniment to stews or meat dishes; and kitfo (raw beef).

Traditional injera bread can be used as an edible platter for all sorts of dishes.

There are also a variety of spices used in Ethiopian cooking, such as garlic, ginger, cardamom, coriander, pepper, and fenugreek.

Ethiopians mainly eat stews that are made from either vegetable like cabbage, carrots, potatoes, and collard greens, or red meat and bushmeat.

Seafood is rarely consumed in this country because Ethiopians don’t have access to the sea or ocean without any coastline.

What is special about Somali food?

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Somali food is a blend of African, Middle Eastern, and Indian cuisines.