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dominique vs barred rock chicken

If you want to start raising your own backyard flock to get fresh eggs every day or get the best free-range chicken meat, this article is for you.

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Dominique chicken and Barred Rock are the main characters today.

We are going to figure out how these chicken breeds differ from each other and which type will be better to start your breeding.

What is Dominique chicken?

Dominique is an American breed of chicken that was developed in the early 20th century.

It is also known by other names like Dominicker or Pilgrim Fowl.

Dominique chickens can be considered the oldest chicken breed in America.

The chicken is known for its calm and friendly temperament.

This is an important character, especially when you want to raise them in your backyard because chickens can be aggressive and territorial, but this isn’t the case with Dominickers.

This breed of chicken has thick and blotchy feathers of grey/ black and white.

Therefore, Dominique feathers used to be one of the sought-after ingredients to stuff pillows or mattresses in colonial times.

Dominique chickens are raised for dual purposes.

They are good egg layers as well as produce delicious meat.

Dominique hens have a medium egg production rate, about three to four eggs per week.

Their brown eggs are often slightly bigger than average chicken eggs.

What is Barred Rock chicken?

Barred Rock chicken is another American breed of chicken that was developed by crossing Dominique chickens and Black Javas.

Barred Rock chickens are actually considered the black and white version of Plymouth Rock chickens, that’s why it got the entire name as Barred Plymouth Rock.

Despite its large size, normally about seven to eight pounds at a matured chicken, Barred Rock turns out to be a docile breed that is easy to handle if you raise them in your backyard.

They are also dual-purpose chickens that can offer both great eggs and meat production.

However, in fact, Barred Rock chickens are preferred for their egg production because an average hen can lay 200 medium-sized eggs annually.

What are the differences between Dominique and Barred Rock chicken?

Dominique chickens and Barred Rock chickens are two different breeds of chicken with different features that set them apart from each other.

The comparison table below will point out the typical differences between Dominique and Barred Rock chickens in some key criteria:

 ComparisonDominique chickenBarred Rock chicken
BreedAmerican chicken breed called Dominique/ Dominicker/ Pilgrim FowlCrossed between Dominique chicken and Black Javas chicken
AgeThe oldest American breed of chickenYounger
AppearanceUpright single combFlattened cushion comb
EggsLay fewer eggs, usually a bit smaller than Barred Rock eggsLay more eggs (four per week and 200 eggs per year), larger than Dominique eggs

What are the similarities between Dominique vs Barred Rock chicken?

Despite the aforementioned differences between Dominique chicken and Barred Rock chicken, there are also some similarities found in both these breeds:

1.    Dominique chicken and Barred Rock chicken have a similar color

If someone has no experience in selecting chicken breeds, they might think Dominique chickens and Barred Rock chickens are one breed.

The reason is these two breeds of chicken look similar at first glance with black and white feathers and red faces.

You can only differentiate their appearances when taking a closer look at their combs, breasts, or sizes.

2.    Dominique chicken and Barred Rock chicken have a docile temperament

Another similarity between Dominique chickens and Barred Rock chickens is that they have a gentle and friendly temperament, making them top choices when starting your own flock.

Especially if there are kids in your family, raising Dominique chickens or Barred Rock chickens are not a problem at all.

3.    Dominique chicken and Barred Rock chicken are raised for dual purposes

The last thing in common between Dominique chickens and Barred Rock chickens is that they are dual-purpose breeds.

That means both of them can lay eggs at a medium to high production rate and also produce exceptional flavorful meat.

Which one is better?

In conclusion, it seems that Dominique chickens and Barred Rock chickens are both great breeds to start your farming experience.

They all offer great eggs as well as delicious meat which can suit either purpose of raising chickens for their egg production or meat production.

It’s time to figure out which breed is more available in your area and get some Dominique or Barred Rock chicks for a beginner farmer like you.