5 Great Side Dishes To Pair With Corned Beef And Cabbage

corned beef cabbage side dish

What to serve with corned beef and cabbage?

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We have a list of the best five side dishes to make your classic corned beef and cabbage more special and satisfying.

Keep reading to find out more interesting things about how to have a great meal with corned beef, cabbage, and other accompaniments.

What are corned beef and cabbage?

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Corned beef and cabbage is a classic combination of two traditional Irish dishes that have been around for centuries.

These dishes are traditionally served on St Patrick’s Day, but they can also be enjoyed any time of the year.

Corned beef refers to beef brisket that is cured with salt brine, thinly sliced, and pressed into a tin before being sold on the market.

It is safe to consume right from the can, but normally, people simmer corned beef with cabbage until the ingredients are tender.

These two dishes often come on the same plate because their tastes go very well with each other.

This classic combination dish can be served hot or cold.

What to consider when choosing a corned beef and cabbage’s side dish?

Some people just enjoy corned beef and cabbage on their own without any side dish.

However, you can make this simple meal more special by accompanying it with other side dishes.

Since there are a lot of choices out there, it might be hard to pick a good one.

Let’s check out the following tips from us so that you will know what to consider when choosing a side dish for corned beef and cabbage:

Corned beef and cabbage are great to serve with a starchy side

Corned beef and cabbage can be served on their own, but if they are not enough to fill your empty stomach, it is best to pair this Irish combination with a starchy side.

There are many options for a starchy side dish, and there is no need to always grain like rice.

You can opt for bread or starchy vegetables too.

Corned beef and cabbage can work well with vegetables

Another thing to keep in mind is that corned beef and cabbage can work well with a vegetable side dish.

There are different ways to cook vegetables, and since the cabbage is already slow-cooked, the side dish that is made from vegetables should be cooked in another way like roasting or serving raw.

5 best side dishes to serve with corned beef and cabbage

Now, let’s see what side dishes can be served with beef and cabbage so that your next St Patrick’s Day meal will be more memorable:

1.     Sauteed peas and bacon

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Our first recommendation is to serve corned beef and cabbage with sauteed peas and bacon.

Peas are packed with essential nutrients and if you saute them, they will have a nice sear for a more appealing presentation and flavorful taste.

Crispy bacon sprinkled over sauteed peas can work as a decoration and also helps add flavors to your dish.

2.     Beer bread

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Bread that consists of beer?

Yes, beer bread is perfect to serve with corned beef and cabbage.

It is like you have a beverage and bread to enjoy at the same time.

This is gonna be a great experience for you if you haven’t tried beer bread before.

3.     Mashed potatoes

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Do you know that the flavor of corned beef and cabbage really works with the taste of potatoes?

Therefore, no wonder why mashed potatoes are often added to your meal with corned beef and cabbage.

This side dish can also keep you fuller.

4.     Roasted vegetables

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If you want to make your meal healthier, then serve your corned beef and cabbage with some roasted vegetables.

There are many kinds of vegetables out there, but some perfect for roasting are potatoes, carrots, broccoli, or asparagus.

Don’t forget to sprinkle some salt and pepper over your vegetables before cooking to not end up with a bland dish.

5.     Salad

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Instead of roasting, you can also try making a salad to serve with corned beef and cabbage.

Salads can be made with ease because there is no need to cook the ingredients, they are eaten raw with some kind of salad dressing per your preference.

Lettuce, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, onion, or bell pepper are some ideal options to make a good and nutritious salad.

The bottom line

In conclusion, there are many ideas for you to choose from to make your next St Patrick’s Day meal more interesting.

Which of these five side dishes do you think would be best to serve with corned beef and cabbage?

Try them all and tell us your answer in the comment section below.

And don’t forget to reach out to us for more information about the best side dishes to serve with many other delicacies from different cuisines besides corned beef and cabbage.