Which Brisket Is Better—corned Beef Brisket Or Round?

corned beef brisket vs round

This blog post is all about the differences between brisket corned beef and round corned beef.

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There are a lot of people who think these two beef products are the same, but in fact they are not.

Let’s figure out how they distinguish from each other and which one seems to be better to you.

What is brisket corned beef?

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Brisket corned beef is a popular dish that has been around for many years, but what exactly are the ingredients?

Brisket corned beef is actually cured beef whose cut is from the brisket section.

Besides grained-salt rock, the spices used in the curing and brining processes are usually garlic, pepper, bay leaves, and cloves; and they’re mixed together to create a spice rub.

After being cured, the meat will be boiled for hours until it reaches an ideal texture before being cooked again by frying or roasting until crispy on the outside but juicy on the inside.

It is often used in Irish dishes like corned beef and cabbage or brisket and potatoes.

Since brisket corned beef is made from the tough part of the cow, slow cooking it will make it tender and flavorful.

What is round corned beef?

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Round corned beef can be made the same way as the brisket counterpart, but it is taken from the round cut, which is from the rear leg of the cow, near the hips and ribs instead of the brisket part.

If the brisket cut can be point or flat, the round cut, as its name implies, is round (or circular).

The entire side of beef is cured for weeks or months, then boiled until the water has evaporated so that only fat remains on the outer edges of the meat.

Round corned beef can also be fried up as you would with bacon or ham, or used in soups and stews.

It’s also often served on top of baked potatoes or as part of a sandwich.

What are the differences between brisket corned beef vs round?

Brisket corned beef and round corned beef are two similar products that you can find at any grocery store.

However, when it comes to compare them in each criteria, there are more than one thing to say:

 Brisket corned beefRound corned beef
The cut positionMade from the brisket cut (the cow’s lower chest and upper foreleg, near the neck)Made from the round section (the cow’s hindquarters, including its rump roast, bottom round roast, eye of round roast, and sirloin tip roasts)
ShapePoint or flat cut  Circular whole cut
TextureTougher because of higher connective tissuesHave more fat and less connective tissue
Cooking timeLonger because it is tougher due to more connective tissuesShorter

What are the similarities between brisket corned beef vs round?

Even though brisket and round cuts are respectively from the front and the back sections of the cow, their corned versions have a lot in common.

Here are some:

1.   Brisket corned beef and round corned beef are both the toughest parts of the steer

Although the round cut seems to be a little more tender and contain less connective tissues than the brisket counterpart, they are considered among the toughest parts of the cow.

Therefore, brisket corned beef and round corned beef will also be a little tougher than other processed meat from other beef cuts.

You will want to cook them at low heat for a few hours to result in the tenderest and juicy meat.

2.    They are both flavorful

Curing meat to make corned beef will not only lengthen their shelf-life but also adds more flavor to the meat.

In general, both brisket corned beef and round corned beef are flavorful thanks to so much salt and other spices during the curing and brining processes.

However, they are also high in sodium, which can pose some risks to your health in the long term, so keep in mind that they should be treated as occasional dishes, and the fresh cuts are still a healthier option.

3.   They can be used interchangeably

The slight difference in texture and taste between brisket corned beef and round corned beef makes it possible to use these two processed beef interchangeably.

They are perfect for roasting or stewing to result in the tender, juicy, and fragrant meat to serve with other side dishes like salad or vegetables.

Which one is better?

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So the brisket cut and the round cut come from two opposite sides of the cow.

Both cuts are often cured to make corned beef that gives them an extra flavor and tenderness that they don’t have when served raw.

Since they taste similar, deciding which one for your next meal will come down to your preference indeed.