Colombian Food Vs. Mexican Food: What’s The Difference?

Some people find Colombian food the best, while others think Mexican food reigns supreme.

When it comes to national cuisines, some countries do a better job than others.

But the answer for what food is better is very subjective.

So before deciding if Colombian food or Mexican food is more appealing to you, let’s learn more about these two cuisines and compare them to see how they distinguish from each other.

Let’s get started!

What is special about Colombian food?

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Colombian food is a mix of cultures and flavors, from indigenous people to European settlers.

This makes for a unique culinary experience that you will not find anywhere else in Latin American or North America.

To start with, the most popular dish in Colombia is rice and beans.

It’s a well-balanced meal as it consists of carbohydrates as well as protein.

In addition to that, you can find very interesting dishes such as “Bandeja Paisa” or “Chancho en Piedra”.

Bandeja Paisa is a national dish that is well-known under different names, and it is considered a hearty meal because of various ingredients like saucy beans, fried plantains, fried eggs, fatty pork belly, rice, hogan, chorizo, and avocado.

Colombians have a special love for hearty soups.

So most of the time, they have at least one soup dish that can be made from beef, chicken, pork, or vegan ingredients in their daily meal.

Colombian food is not spicy, but it doesn’t mean their dishes are not flavorful.

They often have spices and herbs like cilantro, parsley, or guascas to enhance the flavor of their food. 

What is special about Mexican food?

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Mexican food is special because it is both healthy and delicious.

In recent times, Mexican food has become more popular not only in the country or other neighboring regions but also in many parts of the world.

There are not just tacos or burritos.

There are many other dishes you can try in this Latin country, such as chilaquiles, enchiladas, mole, empanadas, or tamales.

Mexican food is often packed with a spicy taste because there are a lot of chili peppers used in their recipes.

They eat a variety of meat like beef, pork, chicken, or lamb, with different kinds of seafood in coastal regions.

Vegetables are often eaten raw in salads, including tomatoes, onions, bell pepper, lettuce, avocado, and baked beans.

Therefore, Mexican food is often associated with being very rich in vitamins and minerals, containing healthy fats, making it beneficial to your health in many ways, like reducing inflammation, promoting weight loss, lowering blood pressure, or reducing diabetes and cholesterol levels.

What are the differences between Mexican food and Colombian food?

There are several key differences between Mexican food and Colombian food that we have taken a look at and explain below:

Mexican food is spicier than Colombian food

One of the reasons why Mexican food is very spicy is that they use a lot of chili peppers in their cooking.

There are more than 100 chili varieties in this country, so indigenous people make use of this spice in almost every dish.

Colombians, on the other hand, don’t prefer spicy taste so their food is often milder. 

Corn and beans are staples in Mexican food, while Colombians eat rice, potatoes, and plantains

Another difference between the two cuisines is their carb options.

In Mexico, corn and beans are everywhere.

These two crops are popular and affordable so they appear in most of their dishes.

Corn can be cooked whole, kernels, or cornmeal to make tortillas.

Beans are often baked or stewed.

On the other hand, in Colombian cuisine, they mainly eat rice, potatoes (either stewed or fried), and plantains.

Mexican food is often lighter to your stomach compared to Colombian food

In general, Mexican cuisine offers lighter food like salads or tacos.

Their food is often served in small portions that look very appealing.

Meanwhile, Colombian food contains more protein as well as carbohydrates.

Take the national dish Bandeja Paisa as an example, it is very hearty with many ingredients from rice, meat, eggs, to fruits like avocado and plantain.

What are the similarities between Mexican food and Colombian food?

Despite the differences between these two Latin cuisines, they also share some similarities, as listed below:

Mexican cuisine and Colombian cuisine share some stapled ingredients and dishes

The first thing in common between Mexican food and Colombian food is that they share some staples from ingredients to popular dishes.

Legume vegetables like beans, rice, meat like beef, pork, chicken, or lamb, and seafood are widely consumed in these two cuisines.

dishes like tacos and empanadas are also eaten in both Mexico and Colombia.

Both cuisines use fresh ingredients, making them healthier options

Another similarity between Mexican food and Colombian food is that they mainly make use of fresh ingredients rather than using processed food or canned food.

For example, it is rarer to find these canned products like canned stock, canned meat, or canned fish like in American cuisine in Mexico or Colombia.

Which one is better?

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Colombian food or Mexican food are both delicious.

But if you’ve never had either before, it may be difficult to decide what cuisine appeals most to your taste buds.

Whether they are traditional dishes like Tamales and Ceviche, Empanadas and Churros, or newer fusion creations with influences from other cultures such as Korean Tacos and Peruvian Sushi Rolls- the best way to find out for sure is by trying them.

So go ahead and enjoy some authentic Colombian food or Mexican fare today.

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