6 Easy Side Dishes To Serve With Your Coconut Chicken Tenders

coconut chicken tender side dish

Coconut chicken tenders are a popular dish from restaurants to many home kitchens around the world.

This dish is delicious on its own, but it will be even more satisfying if it is served alongside some amazing side dishes.

The following six coconut chicken tenders accompaniment ideas will help you make a delicious meal without any fuss.

What are coconut chicken tenders?

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Coconut chicken tenders are a type of fried chicken that can be enjoyed as an appetizer, snack, or main course.

The cut of chicken that is used for this recipe is often chicken fillet, which is the most tender and leanest cut from the boneless, skinless chicken breast.

Chicken is then sliced into small strips, seasoned, and coated in beaten eggs and coconut flakes instead of a regular batter or flour.

The result is crispy outside while tender and juicy inside.

Besides the typical taste of chicken, you can also taste the coconut flavor from the coat.

What to consider when choosing a coconut chicken tenders’ side dish?

It can be difficult to figure out what side dish goes best with coconut chicken tenders for yourself.

But, don’t worry!

We have a list of things to consider when choosing the perfect side dish for your crispy coconut chicken tenders:

Coconut chicken tenders go well with both sweet or savory side dishes

Coconut chicken tenders have a savory taste of chicken and a sweet crust from coconut flakes and/or coconut milk.

Therefore, a side dish for this main course can have a sweet or savory taste too.

This allows you to have more options when choosing a good accompaniment for coconut chicken tenders.

Choose something that tastes good but also is healthy and low in calories

Another thing to keep in mind when opting for a side dish for coconut chicken tenders is to choose a recipe that is low in calories.

Chicken tenders are deep-fried in hot oil, so they are quite high in fat and calories.

Therefore, you should pick a side dish that is not high in fat or calories.

It should be made from a lot of vegetables to be healthier, but the ingredients should also be marinated or seasoned well so that you don’t have to sacrifice the flavors.

6 best side dishes to serve with coconut chicken tenders

Here are some best side dishes to serve with your coconut chicken tenders that you can try in your next meal:

1.     French fries

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French fries are a classic side dish to pair with many other comfort foods.

They are actually thin strips of potatoes that are deep-fried until crispy.

French fries and coconut chicken tenders are both crunchy and they can be paired with some ketchup, chili sauce, or mayo for dipping.

2.     Coleslaw

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You can also try serving your coconut chicken tenders with coleslaw.

Coleslaw is a kind of salad that consists of shredded cabbage and carrots that are coated with mayonnaise.

The refreshing and a bit creamy taste of coleslaw will definitely offset the greasy taste from fried coconut chicken tenders.

3.      Roasted vegetables

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If you are looking for a healthier side dish to serve alongside coconut chicken tenders, roasted vegetables can be a good option.

The vegetables are roasted in the oven until they have a nice golden color and are fully cooked.

Some common kinds of vegetables for roasting are potatoes, carrots, asparagus, squash, or broccoli.

These vegan items are all packed with essential vitamins and minerals for our body and make any meal healthier.

4.     Cornbread

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Eating just coconut chicken tenders might not provide you with enough energy for your day, so let’s serve it with cornbread.

This easy-to-make bread is slightly sweet, delicious, and affordable.

Leftover cornbread can be even eaten as a nutritious breakfast with a cup of milk.

5.     Pesto sauce

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A small bowl of pesto sauce will not only balance the taste of your coconut chicken tenders but also make your meal look more appealing.

The golden color of chicken tenders is in contrast with the vibrant green color of the Italian sauce, making everyone want to give it a bite.

Pesto sauce can be bought from any grocery store or supermarket, packed inside a glass jar.

Otherwise, it can be made at home by blending garlic, salt, European pine nuts, basil leaves, hard cheese, and olive oil.

6.     Pasta

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Another filling side dish to accompany coconut chicken tenders is pasta.

There are different kinds of pasta with numerous ways to cook it.

So it just depends on your preference to make the best plate of pasta with your favorite spices and ingredients to serve with coconut chicken tenders and satisfy your hunger.

The bottom line

The crispy and sweet coconut chicken tenders are just perfect to serve at any time of the day.

But believe us, when pairing with the aforementioned side dishes, you can achieve an even more delectable meal with the coconut chicken tenders.

Happy cooking!

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