7 Simple But Delicious Side Dishes To Serve With Your City Chicken

city chicken side dish

City Chicken is a classic dish that is always a hit with guests.

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But what can you serve with this meat-based entree and complete your meal?

Check out this list of delicious but easy-to-make side dishes that will have your guests asking for more!

What is City Chicken?

City Chicken is a dish that is popular in many parts of the United States.

Despite the name, this dish is not made of chicken, but typically pork (or veal sometimes) instead.

The recipe often calls for pieces of pork that are skewered, breaded, pan-fried, and then baked until they are fully cooked and get a nice crispy and golden crust.

This dish originated during the Great Depression, especially in the rural poultry farms because the chicken was quite expensive and they had to use pork or veal as a more economical alternative to resemble chicken drumsticks.

What to consider when choosing a City Chicken’s side dish?

City Chicken is a delicious dish on its own.

However, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t pair it with another side dish.

But how to know if you have chosen the right side dish to complement your City Chicken instead of ruining it?

Here are some helpful tips from us:

City Chicken can be paired with a starchy side or a vegetable side dish

City Chicken can be served with your starchy side dish if you want to be fuller, or a vegetable companion if you want something lighter and more refreshing.

Each recipe has its own pros and cons, so choosing what kind of dish will actually depend on your preference and purpose.

Consider the time you have to prepare these side dishes

Another thing you should keep in mind when cooking a side dish for your City Chicken is to consider the time you have to prepare your meal.

Some dishes, especially a starchy side, take more time to cook.

If you are short on time, you can opt for a salad or sauce to complement your pork dish.

In case you want something more complicated, make sure that you have enough time for it.

7 best side dishes to serve with City Chicken

Now, let’s figure out the seven side dishes that we find the most suitable to serve alongside your City Chicken, or should we say skewered baked pork?

1.     Mashed potatoes

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Mashed potatoes are a classic side dish in American cuisine, and this dish pairs well with almost all meat-based recipes, including City Chicken.

Mashed potatoes are easy and quick to make, and they are also versatile to come with different variants due to the use of spices and herbs.

2.     Cauliflower mash

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Another good side dish to serve with your City Chicken is cauliflower mash.

This dish can be a great substitute for your classic mashed potatoes, but it will be lighter in texture and for your stomach.

You will need other ingredients like sour cream, Parmesan cheese, garlic, black pepper, and olive oil to make your cauliflower mash more flavorful.

3.     Rice pilaf

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Rice pilaf is another delicious and filling side dish to accompany your City Chicken.

Rice pilaf is more colorful and flavorful than regular steamed white rice thanks to the use of various ingredients.

This option will be more suitable to serve with your City Chicken for lunch rather than dinner because it might be too full to consume at night.

4.     Steamed broccoli

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Steamed broccoli is an easy and effective vegetable side dish to serve with any meat-based recipe, including City Chicken.

It has a vibrant green color and a refreshing earthy taste to offset the rich taste of your pork dish.

Broccoli is also known as one of the most nutritious types of veggie that you should add to your diet.

5.     Salad

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A bowl of salad is a healthy and nutritious choice to serve with your City Chicken.

You can stick with any recipe of salad, but a green or fruit salad will be the best.

Salads often come with a crunchy texture and refreshing flavor that can help boost your appetite and make you able to eat more meat without feeling greasy.

6.     Ranch sauce

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Ranch sauce can be a good option to accompany City Chicken.

Although it is typically used to dress salads, you can use ranch sauce with meat too.

The flavorful, tangy, and creamy taste of this easy-to-make sauce will make your pork dish even tastier.

7.     Gravy

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You can only serve your City Chicken with gravy to have a delicious meal that everyone will love.

Drizzle the gravy over the breaded baked pork to have a juicier and more savory taste.

There are many gravy recipes for you to choose from too, so just opt for your favorite one, either the meat-based or vegan-based gravy.

The bottom line

Now you know the top seven side dishes that are best to serve with City Chicken.

Whether you want a filling accompaniment like rice or mashed potatoes, or a simple but savory gravy, all have you covered.

Let’s give all these City Chicken side dishes a try and we can’t wait to hear which recipe you like the most.