5 Best Side Dishes to Pair With Chinese Pork Chops You’ll Want to Get Your Hands On

chipotle chicken chili side dish

If you are looking for an easy and hearty meal to serve your family and friends this holiday season, look no further than chipotle chicken chili.

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This dish is perfect for a winter night, and it is sure to please even the pickiest eater if you know how to cook it properly and serve it with some good dishes on the side.

Get started on this mouth-watering chili and the best side dishes that are mentioned below right today!

What is chipotle chicken chili?

Chipotle chicken chili is a popular Mexican dish that is enjoyed by people of all ages.

This dish gets its name from the Nahuatl word “chīlpoctli”, referring to smoked jalapeño chili pepper.

The chicken, often boneless skinless chicken breast, is marinated with chipotle chili powder, cumin, smoked paprika, garlic powder, onion powder, lime juice, and olive oil to tenderize and provide a flavorful taste with a smoky, and spicy note to the meat.

It is then simmered with different kinds of beans, like pinto beans, black beans, kidney beans, masa, and chicken broth.

The chipotle peppers add a wonderful smoky flavor that takes this chili to the next level.

You can make it as spicy as you like by adding more or less of the peppers.

The resulting dish is very Mexican, which is hearty, rich, and flavorful.

When the weather is cold outside, it is ideal to have a hot bowl of chipotle chicken chili on your table and enjoy it with your loved ones.

What to consider when choosing a chipotle chicken chili’s side dish?

If you want your meal to be perfect with chipotle chicken chili, here are some tips that can help you choose the right side dish:

Chipotle chicken chili should be served with a dry dish

Since the chipotle chicken chili is a saucy dish, it is best to serve this main dish with a side that has a drier texture.

Moreover, a starchy side dish like rice or noodles might not be suitable in this case because you have enough protein and carb from the main course (a lot of beans are used in the recipe.)

Check if there are any diet restrictions on your family members

You should also check if there are any diet restrictions among your family members.

It might be due to different regions, like religious beliefs, personal preferences, or food allergies.

Make sure that everyone will be happy with what is served on the table.

5 best side dishes to serve with chipotle chicken chili

Now, let’s see what side dish can work with your chipotle chicken chili to bring out a delicious and hearty meal:

1.     Roasted/steamed vegetables

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Roasted or steamed vegetables can both work with your chipotle chicken chili.

Since the main dish has a warm tone like orange or red, it will be best when paired with a side dish that has a contrasting color like green from vegetables.

Roasting or steaming vegetables are a great way to keep the flavor and nutrients inside the veggies.

2.     Salads

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Another way to eat vegetables is to eat them raw.

There are only certain kinds of vegetables that don’t need to be cooked but still taste delicious, including lettuce, tomatoes, bell pepper, or onion.

You can opt for different kinds of salads, but a green or fruit salad will be a great choice.

There are also many salad dressing options for you to choose from, and the tangy taste will be best to pair with chipotle chicken chili.

3.     Coleslaw

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Coleslaw is a classic salad option in many cuisines, and each cuisine has its own version with a twist in the ingredient list.

Coleslaw is typically made with shredded cabbage and carrot that are coated with mayonnaise.

This is easy to make, simple, but very delicious and nutritious.

4.     Tortilla

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For a Mexican side dish, tortillas are the way to go.

Chipotle chicken chili is great when served with crispy corn tortillas that can work as a utensil to scoop up the rich sauce and tender pieces of food from the main dish.

5.     French fries

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You can also opt for another crispy finger food like French fries to serve with your chipotle chicken chili.

French fries are made by deep-frying or baking potato sticks until they are golden and crispy.

You can coat these fries with any of your favorite powdered spices.

The bottom line

The best way to present chipotle chicken chili is with one of the aforementioned side dishes.

Hopefully, the next time you have this chili on your menu, it won’t be frustrating to find a good side dish to pair with it.

These recipes are all delicious and easy to make, and they will fill you up without leaving you feeling heavy or weighed down by the food.

What is your favorite chipotle chicken chili’s side dish?