7 Side Dishes That Must Go With Your Next Batches Of Chicken Wings

chicken wing for lunch side dish

Who doesn’t love chicken wings, right?

Why trust me?

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They’re the perfect party food, but they can also be a delicious and satisfying lunch.

So what should you serve with chicken wings for lunch?

Here are some great ideas that will make your chicken wing lunchtime one remember.

Keep reading and grab some suggestions that you think work best with your taste buds.

What are chicken wings?

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Chicken wings are actually the wings of a chicken.

They are the two-bone piece of meat located on either side of a chicken’s breast.

Chicken wings are usually sold as part of a whole chicken, but they can also be bought separately.

The meat on chicken wings is usually quite tender and flavorful.

They can be prepared in a variety of ways, such as baking, grilling, or frying.

Chicken wings are often coated with sauce, seasoning, or batter before being cooked.

The result is commonly served at sporting events and parties as an appetizer or snack.

However, chicken wings can be served as the main course for a hearty meal of the day.

What to consider when choosing a side dish to serve with chicken wings for lunch?

Side dishes are an essential part of any meal.

You shouldn’t just have chicken wings without anything to go with them!

When deciding on what you want as a side dish, think about the following factors:

Consider if you want a light or a filling side dish to accompany chicken wings for lunch

A green salad or other green recipes would be perfect for those who want something light and refreshing.

Meanwhile, rice or mashed potatoes make great choices to fill your empty stomach.

Serve your chicken wings with a side dish that has a contrasting color

You can also keep in mind that a companion with a contrasting color (like green) will help make your meal look much more delicious and appealing.

Everyone who comes to your party will not be able to resist these foods and they will even beg for more.

7 best side dishes to serve with chicken wings for lunch

Here are the seven side dishes that are best when served with chicken wings for lunch:

1.     Pizza

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There are a few reasons that pizza makes a good side dish for chicken wings for lunch.

We all know that both dishes are crowd-pleasers that are sure to be a hit at any party.

Pizza is a versatile dish that can be tailored to include any toppings you like.

This means that you can choose toppings that pair well with chicken wings, such as peppers, onions, mushrooms, and pineapple.

Moreover, pizza can be done without any fuss and it doesn’t take a lot of time.

You can even opt for store-bought pizza that only requires a few minutes of reheating in the microwave or in the oven.

2.     Quinoa

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Quinoa is another good side dish for chicken wings for your next lunch meal.

It is a rich source of protein and fiber.

Protein is necessary for the growth and maintenance of muscle mass, and quinoa contains all the essential amino acids that the body needs to perform optimally.

Quinoa also contains vitamins and minerals, making it a nutrient-rich food choice that will keep you fuller for a while.

The mild flavor of quinoa also pairs nicely with the savory taste of chicken wings.

3.     Grilled corn

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You can also serve your chicken wings with grilled corn for a hearty lunch.

The smoky flavor of the grill enhances the sweetness of the corn, and the contrast between the grilled corn and the chicken wings makes both flavors more pronounced.

Additionally, grilled corn is a good source of dietary fiber, vitamin C, and antioxidants, which all help to boost your overall health perfectly.

4.     Biscuits

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Biscuits are a Southern staple that is perfect on the side of chicken wings which are also a favorite food item in the south of the United States.

Biscuits can soak up all that delicious sauce from the wings, making each bite even more flavourful.

They’re hearty enough to fill you up without being too heavy.

Biscuits can be soft and flaky or crunchy, but they are all great to be served with crispy and flavorful chicken wings.

5.     Applesauce

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You can simply serve your chicken wings with applesauce for a quick lunch without sacrificing flavor.

The sweetness and fruity note of the applesauce balance out the spice of the chicken wings wonderfully.

Additionally, applesauce is a source of fiber and vitamin C, both of which are important nutrients.

It is also relatively low in calories and sodium, making it a healthy option to pair with your wings.

6.     Green salad

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Green salad is the sixth suggestion from us to complement your chicken wings.

It’s light and refreshing, and it goes well with the richer flavors of the chicken wings as well as many other meat-based dishes.

Plus, it’s a healthy option that will help you fill up without loading up on calories.

So next time you’re looking for a tasty and healthy side dish to go with your chicken wings, give the green salad a try, there will be actually more options to consider than you think.

7.     Cottage cheese

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Cottage cheese is not only a great side dish for chicken wings but also a great source of protein and calcium.

Just one cup of cottage cheese provides 28 grams of protein and contains all 9 essential amino acids.

It’s also an excellent source of calcium, providing 20% of the daily recommended value in just one cup.

Cottage cheese is also very versatile and can be enjoyed in many different ways – from sweet to savory.

So if you’re looking for a delicious and nutritious way to enjoy your chicken wings at lunchtime, cottage cheese is a great option!

The bottom line

So what’s the best side dish to serve with chicken wings?

It really depends on your preference.

Do you want something savory or sweet? Are you in the mood for some crispy or creamy goodness?

No matter what kind of side dish you choose, we promise that one of the aforementioned side dishes will be delicious when paired with our oven-baked chicken wings.

Start browsing through our recipes and pick out a few of your favorites to try today.