5 Side Dishes That Pair Well With Chicken Tortilla Soups

chicken tortilla soup side dish

There are many delicious side dishes that can be served with chicken tortilla soup, but choosing the best one to show up in your meal with this Mexican-style soup dish will depend on personal preference.

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Check out our article to figure out the five best side dishes to serve alongside your next chicken tortilla soup.

What is chicken tortilla soup?

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If you are too familiar with the classic chicken tacos, then chicken tortilla soup is like a soup form of the chicken tacos.

Chicken tortilla soup is a tasty and filling dish that can be made quickly and easily.

It is typically made from easy-to-find and inexpensive ingredients, including a tomato base, chicken broth, chicken meat, and other ingredients like corn kernels, beans, and various spices, then sprinkled with chopped cilantro, lemon slices, and crispy tortilla strips.

The resulting dish is rich, flavorful, and is often served hot.

What to consider when choosing a chicken tortilla soup’s side dish?

Chicken tortilla soup is a popular and delicious Mexican dish that can be served as an appetizer or as the main course.

Choosing the right side dish for chicken tortilla soup can really make or break your meal though.

Here is what you should keep in mind when cooking or buying a side dish to serve with chicken tortilla soup:

A Mexican side dish works best in this case

Mexican cuisine offers many mouth-watering dishes that are cooked with love from indigenous people.

Each recipe contains various spices that make Mexican dishes always look colorful and taste flavorful.

Therefore, when looking for a side dish for chicken tortilla soup, it is best to pair this Mexican soup with another Mexican-inspired side dish.

The flavors from these dishes will blend well together and make your meal even more special.

A dry side dish is best to pair with chicken tortilla soup

Another tip to choose the best side dish for chicken tortilla soup is to opt for a dry dish instead of a liquid-based one.

The reason is that you already have a soup dish, so you will need something drier to serve with it to enjoy different textures from different dishes in your meal.

5 best side dishes to serve with chicken tortilla soup

Although chicken tortilla soup can be served alone and still shine on its own, the following five side dishes can help elevate your Mexican chicken tortilla soup to a new level:

1.      Mexican rice

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Mexican rice, or Spanish rice, is a fried rice dish that looks very appealing and its taste is not gonna disappoint you.

It has a red color from tomatoes and a flavorful taste from the different spices used in the recipe.

Mexican rice is a perfect side dish for chicken tortilla soup as it will complete your meal with ingredients and nutrients from different food groups.

2.      Baked black beans

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Black beans are a staple in Mexican cuisine.

They are packed with many healthy nutrients that are ideal for your health.

They are often baked or stewed until the beans are very tender and deliver a good smell.

Black beans are a good source of vegan protein, so this dish will also fill your stomach together with the chicken tortilla soup.

3.     Chips and Guacamole

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Chips and guacamole are a perfect and classic pair in Mexican cuisine.

They are the perfect go-to snack, as well as a side dish to serve with your chicken tortilla soup.

If you want to create a Mexican party, these options will be perfect to bring the Latin spirit to your kitchen.

4.     Cornbread

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Chicken tortilla soup goes perfectly with sweet corn.

Making cornbread is a good choice to serve with your soup dish and gives you more flavors and energy.

Cornbread is easy to make and inexpensive, and it is made from corn, which can be found anywhere in Mexico or any part of the world.

5.     Salads

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If you want something lighter to serve with chicken tortilla soup, salads will be a great idea.

There are plenty of recipes for a good salad from all over the world or even Mexican-style salad.

Normally, it consists of different kinds of vegetables and fruits that are finely chopped and coated with olive oil, mayo, or any other salad dressing.

The refreshing taste from salads will definitely ease the spicy and rich taste of your chicken tortilla soup.

The bottom line

Now you know more about chicken tortilla soup and what can pair well with this dish.

Try out our suggestions and see what works best for your taste buds.

If none of them sound appetizing or if they don’t match up well with some other meal items in your rotation, feel free to leave us comments below.