What Goes Well With Chicken Spiedies? Let’s Try 5 These Best Side Dishes

chicken spiedies side dish

Have you ever had chicken spiedies? If not, you’re in for a treat! Chicken spiedies are a type of grilled sandwich that is made with chicken and marinade.

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They are an iconic dish in upstate New York, and they are sure to be a hit at your next picnic or barbecue!

This article will explore what spiedies are as well as which side dishes pair well with, so you can prepare this main course at home!

What Are Chicken Spiedies?

Spiedies, also known as “spit roasts” or “grilled meat on a spit,” originated in the Alto Adige region of Italy.

This culinary tradition has been around for centuries, but it only became popular in North America during the 1980s when Italian immigrants brought their traditions with them to countries like Canada and the United States.

Spiedies are typically made from ground beef mixed with spices such as garlic powder, salt, pepper, cayenne pepper, paprika, thyme leaves, and oregano leaves.

After being formed into a meatball-like shape by hand (or using a food processor), they are cooked on a grill or over an open fire pit until done, while maintaining their juicy tenderness.

They can be eaten on slider buns or regular bread, and they are often served with onions, peppers, and BBQ sauce.

Although they originated in upstate New York, spiedies have become popular all over the country.

If you’re looking for an easy and tasty summer meal, give spiedies a try!

What to Consider When Choosing a Chicken Spiedies’ Side Dish?

For many people, the decision to order chicken spiedies for dinner is not enough.

You need an equally delicious side dish to go with it! If you’re stuck on what kind of side dish to serve alongside your meal, these are some things you should consider:

Dietary restrictions or allergies

If you happen to have any dietary restrictions that need to be taken into consideration, you will want the side dish to work with them.

If gluten is not an issue, but dairy is, one option may be green beans with brown sugar and butter.

How much time and money do I want to spend?

What is your taste preference?

For the most part, the best option is going to be based on what you prefer in terms of taste and texture.

Do you prefer tangy flavor and crunchy texture like coleslaw or sauerkraut or soft and creamy sides like macaroni salad or potato salad? Do you want something savory or sweet, or both flavors? Are you looking for a complex or simple recipe?

Your meal size

One more factor that you want to take into account is whether you want it to be a filling meal or a light meal.

Do you want something light and healthy? A salad might be a good option! Do you want something more substantial? Mashed potatoes or rice would go nicely with this meal!

5 Best Side Dishes to Serve with Chicken Spiedies

We will discuss the different types of side dishes that are commonly served with chicken spiedies.


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Serving tzatziki sauce with chicken spiedies is a match made in heaven.

Tzatziki is a common cucumber yogurt dipping sauce for spiedies, made by combining strained plain yogurt, minced garlic cloves, lemon juice, salt and finely chopped fresh dill leaves.

The cooling and refreshing yogurt sauce is the perfect compliment to the grilled chicken and spices.

Plus, it’s easy to make and can be enjoyed by everyone at your next barbecue!

Steamed vegetables

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The steamed vegetables provide the perfect contrast to the juicy chicken, and together they make a delicious and healthy meal.

Chicken spiedies are marinated cubes of chicken that are grilled or barbecued, so they have a smoky flavor that enhances the sweetness of the vegetables.

There are so many types of steamed vegetables you can make, but there is nothing better than having fresh carrots, green beans or broccoli on the table.


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Coleslaw is a must-have side dish for summer BBQs.

It’s light, refreshing and offers that tangy flavor to balance out the spiciness of chicken Spiedies.

Plus, coleslaw is so easy to make, it’s worth it! Since it has so many variations, you could have tangy mayonnaise based slaw with cabbage and carrot for a southern vibe or creamy coleslaw made from sour cream for something more eastern European.

Mashed potatoes

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Mashed potatoes are often served with chicken, but what about when you serve it with Spiedies? Without this classic side dish, these sandwiches are just not complete – they need something to help tie them together and provide that extra oomph factor that makes each bite special.

This is an easy recipe that you can make for your family or friends.

You can even take this dish to any of your summer gatherings.


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The final most common side dish for chicken spiedies is sauerkraut.

It can be eaten with a fork, but it’s usually enjoyed by eating the kraut with the chicken spiedie using your hands.

This is typically done by taking a bite of the sandwich, then dipping your finger in the sauce and wiping it across your upper lip before licking off any remaining sauce from that finger.

The Bottom Line

When you’re looking for a unique and tasty dish to make for your next party, why not try chicken spiedies? Whether you’re hosting a summer barbecue or need a fun dish to bring to a potluck, try serving chicken spiedies with the above side dishes.

They are sure to be a hit!