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Which Chicken Korma Will You Choose? Find Out Here – Chicken Shahi Korma vs. Chicken Korma!

Korma is a rich and creamy Indian dish.

A korma can be made with either vegetables, chicken, lamb, or beef.

The name of the dish varies depending on what meat it’s made with; for example, vegetable korma is called palak paneer in Hindi or Punjabi.

This blog post will compare two different types of kormas: chicken shahi korma vs chicken korma.

What is special about chicken shahi korma?

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Shahi korma is a type of curry made with chicken, yogurt, and almonds.

It originated in India but can be found all over the world today.

The word “shahi” means “royal” in Hindi so this dish was often served to royalty because it’s so delicious! 

This dish has many variations, but they all have common ingredients like garlic, ginger, cardamom pods, and cinnamon sticks.

Curry leaves are also commonly used when making this dish for an added layer of flavor.

You can find shahi korma at restaurants or make it yourself at home! 

What is special about chicken korma?

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Chicken korma is a traditional Indian dish that has been enjoyed for generations.

What makes this dish so special?

It’s the combination of spices and flavors, like coriander, ginger, garlic, cinnamon, cumin, and cloves which make it one-of-a-kind.

Most people like to serve chicken korma with either rice or naan bread.

This is a rich and creamy dish with a sauce that has been cooked for hours.

It’s one of the most popular dishes in India and it is often served at weddings, Eid ul-Fitr celebrations, and other special occasions.

What are the differences between chicken shahi korma and chicken korma?

This table will show the differences between Chicken Shahi Korma and Chicken Korma, so you can decide which one to order next time.

 ComparisonChicken shahi kormaChicken korma
SauceChicken shahi korma has a thicker, more gravy-like sauceChicken korma is the former has a creamy sauce
FlavorChicken shahi korma is a spicier curryChicken korma is a mild and fragrant dish
Fat contentChicken shahi korma is made with yogurt and contains more fat than a chicken kormaChicken korma contains less fat than chicken shahi korma.
Cooking timeThe cooking time for chicken shahi korma is slightly longer than that of chicken kormaChicken korma requires less time to cook than chicken shahi korma
Cooking method– Chicken shahi korma is boiled
– Chicken shahi korma uses onions and tomatoes as its base
– Chicken korma is roasted until golden brown on top
– Chicken korma doesn’t use any vegetables or spices at all
PriceThe price of chicken shahi korma will be more expensive than the price of chicken kormaChicken korma is more affordable

What are the similarities between chicken shahi korma and chicken korma?

Chicken shahi korma and chicken korma are both popular dishes in India.

They have a few differences, but they still share many similarities.

1. Chicken shahi korma and chicken korma are both Indian dishes

Both chicken shahi korma and chicken curry are Indian dishes.

The dish is typically made with yogurt, cream, or coconut milk for an extra layer of richness that coats each mouthful in a thick sauce while also providing tanginess to it all thanks largely down to buttermilk which gives this type our food its signature taste!

2. Both dishes use yogurt as a key ingredient

With its rich and creamy texture, yogurt is the key ingredient in a number of dishes from around the world.

Chicken shahi korma would not have that same luxurious flavor without it while chicken korma has been elevated to another level entirely thanks to just this one ingredient!

3. They’re both made with a wide variety of spices

With a wide variety of spices including coriander, cumin ginger garlic cinnamon, and cardamom it’s no wonder that the two dishes are not very different.

4. They’re typically served with rice or naan bread

Chicken shahi korma and chicken korma are typically served with rice or naan bread.

They are both extremely rich and creamy, making them the perfect dishes for a cozy dinner date!

Which one is better?

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The chicken shahi korma is a dish that incorporates many spices in the sauce.

This may be why it seems more flavorful than the other one, but if you’re looking for something lighter and less spicy, then choose the chicken korma.

Either way though, both dishes are delicious!

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