6 Great Accompaniments For Chicken Scallopini

chicken scallopini side dish

If you are looking for an easy and impressive dish to serve with chicken scallopini, look no further than this post.

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Chicken scallopini is perfect for different occasions, and it is even more delicious if you know how to cook it properly and serve this dish with the right accompaniment.

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What is chicken scallopini?

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Chicken scallopini is an Italian-inspired dish that features pieces of boneless skinless chicken breast cooked in some kinds of sauce.

In Italian, scallopini refers to thinly sliced cuts of meat, which means this dish can come in many different variants.

Normally, the sauce for chicken scallopini includes cooking wine, heavy cream, broth, mushrooms, enhanced with some spices and herbs.

The resulting dish is creamy, savory, and perfect for any occasion.

What to consider when choosing a chicken scallopini’s side dish?

You might be wondering what side dish would be perfect for your Italian chicken scallopini among the different kinds of options out there.

So here are some key factors that you should keep in mind when choosing a side dish for chicken scallopini:

Chicken scallopini can be paired with a grain, leafy greens, or starchy side dish

The good news is that chicken scallopini pairs well with different kinds of dishes, from a vegetable one to a grain-based recipe.

Each has its own pros and cons, so it all depends on your personal preference to opt for a favorite recipe.

For example, grain-based side dishes (rice or noodles) are hearty and filling that can keep you fuller, but they are often packed with a high level of carbs, not ideal for people who follow a keto diet.

On the other hand, a veggie-based accompaniment is lighter and more nutritious, but you can feel hungry soon.

Consider the flavor profile of your chicken scallopini

Chicken scallopini doesn’t exist in only one recipe, but there are different variants for this dish.

It can come with a variety of flavors, and you should choose a side dish based on the flavor profile of your main course.

6 best side dishes to serve with chicken scallopini

Here are the six side dishes that we highly recommend you to try serving with your chicken scallopini:

1.     Parmesan noodles

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One of the most classic side dishes that go perfectly with chicken scallopini is Parmesan noodles.

You can even have these two dishes on the same plate, with Parmesan noodles on the bottom and pieces of chicken scallopini on top.

The creamy and savory taste of this combination is just so perfect to satisfy any taste buds.

2.     Baked potatoes

Russet Potato

Baked potatoes can be another great option to pair with chicken scallopini.

This recipe often calls for some butter on top of the potatoes to create a creamy taste and texture for the dish.

Baked potatoes are easy to make and they are packed with flavors and nutrients.

3.     Garlic bread

Bread Garlic

Another starchy side dish to serve with your chicken scallopini is garlic bread.

Instead of using bland regular bread, you can spread some butter, garlic, and chopped fresh herbs over slices of bread before grilling to turn this simple dish into a more flavorful and delicious side.

Garlic bread can be made without any fuss, and the resulting dish will not only work well with chicken scallopini but also help keep you fuller.

4.     Roasted asparagus

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You can also serve your chicken scallopini with some roasted asparagus.

Asparagus is a nutrient-rich vegetable that is perfect for roasting.

Roasted asparagus is often seasoned with simple and easy-to-find spices like salt and pepper, and this side dish can literally complement your chicken scallopini.

5.     Sauteed spinach

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Sauteed spinach is another great accompaniment for chicken scallopini.

Sauteed spinach is easy and quick to make, and the resulting dish has a vibrant green color and is packed with many essential nutrients.

This side dish is best when cooked with some garlic to enhance the flavor.

6.     Salad

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Our last option to serve with chicken scallopini is a salad.

There are different kinds of salads for you to choose from with a variety of ingredients and dressings.

A salad often comes with a crunchy texture and refreshing taste, making it perfect to offset the savory taste of the meat-based main course.

The bottom line

It is important to use quality ingredients and follow the right recipe to make the best chicken scallopini and other side dishes.

With our six ideas for chicken scallopini side dishes above, hopefully, your party will always be hearty and delicious.

Don’t forget about some tips on how to choose the right side dish to accompany chicken scallopini.

Good luck and happy cooking!