5 Side Dishes To Serve With Your Chicken Salad For Dinner

chicken salad for dinner side dish

Do you have a menu plan for the week and wonder what to serve with chicken salad tonight?

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With so many options, it can feel overwhelming.

But we have rounded up some favorite dinner side dishes that will pair perfectly with your chicken salad.

Let’s get started!

What is a chicken salad?

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Chicken salad is a delicious and healthy dish that can be served for lunch or dinner.

Depending on the recipe you use, a chicken salad can be crunchy and savory or smooth and creamy.

There are many ways to make chicken salad, but it mainly consists of shredded boneless, skinless chicken breast, sliced or chopped vegetables, herbs, and a salad dressing.

The taste of chicken salad varies depending on the ingredients and dressings you use, but this dish is always easy and quick to make while being very healthy and nutritious.

What to consider when choosing a chicken salad’ side dish for dinner?

Normally, a chicken salad is served as a good companion for plenty of savory main dishes.

However, when chicken salad works as the main course and you want other several side dishes to accompany it for dinner, here are some tips from us:

Dinner shouldn’t contain a heavy dish

It is said that your stomach needs to be relieved at night, so you shouldn’t eat too much for dinner.

Chicken salad provides you with enough protein, so there is no need for more protein, but some carbs and vitamins instead.

Don’t serve your chicken salad with something that is too heavy for dinner, except in the case that you left the lunch and are starving.

Choose a side dish that is not too greasy

The companion dish shouldn’t not only be heavy but also not too

5 best side dishes to serve with chicken salad for dinner

Here are the five side dishes we would highly recommend you to serve with your chicken salad for the next dinner meal:

1.     French fries

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Our first suggestion of a side dish to serve with your chicken salad for dinner is French fries or crispy fried potatoes.

This dish is easy to make and very satisfying.

It is one of the most common comfort foods that pair well with different kinds of main courses, or even on its own.

2.     Cheese straws

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Although cheese straws are often enjoyed as a delicious snack or appetizer in Southern cuisine, they can be served as a good side dish for dinner, alongside the chicken salad.

Cheese straws are crispy, cheesy, salty, and very yummy.

However, they are quite high in saturated fat and sodium, so you should limit your portion of cheese straws to maintain good health.

3.      Green salad

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You can even have two salads in one meal, especially for dinner.

A green salad is made from different kinds of raw vegetables and fruits, resulting in many options for you to choose from.

Your dinner will be light, healthy, but still flavorful and delicious with these two kinds of salads.

4.     Pickles

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You can serve your chicken salads with some pickles.

When choosing pickles as a side dish for your chicken salad for dinner, it is best to have your chicken salad coated with a creamy dressing instead of a sour one like lemon juice or vinegar.

The reason is that pickles are sour on themselves, so a rich taste from the main dish will help create a more balanced meal.

5.     Macaroni salad

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Macaroni salad is often served cold and includes boiled macaroni mixed with mayonnaise.

The resulting dish is creamy but not too heavy.

A bowl of macaroni salad and chicken salad will provide you with all components, from protein, carb, to vitamins and minerals.

The bottom line

In the end, it is up to your personal preference to opt for the best side dish to serve with your chicken salad.

Normally, there is no need for a heavy dish like rice or bread for dinner because it is recommended to not eat too much in the evening to get rid of sleep deprivation.

These options can be ordered from a restaurant, food delivery service, or easily made at home.

What do you think about these five chicken salad accompaniment ideas for dinner?