6 Side Dishes You Can Eat Alongside Chicken Quesadillas

chicken quesadillas side dish

There are a lot of different things you can serve with chicken quesadillas.

Some people think that they should only be served with a Mexican-style side dish, but that is not the only case!

Chicken quesadillas pair well with several other options, so why limit yourself to just one option?

Read on for some more ideas for what to serve with your delicious chicken quesadilla dinner tonight!

What are chicken quesadillas?

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Chicken quesadillas are a delicious and easy-to-make Mexican dish with a southwestern flair.

Quesadillas mean “little cheesy thing” as the dish contains a lot of cheese so when cutting and serving it in wedges, you can see the cheesy texture easily.

Quesadillas are basically bread or corn/ flour tortillas with shredded cheese, chicken, peppers, and onions for the filling.

However, the filling can be made from many other ingredients, especially different kinds of vegetables, with spices and sour cream being added optionally.

What to consider when choosing a chicken quesadillas’ side dish?

Chicken quesadillas are perfect for a simple yet delicious party.

However, it might look boring if you only serve this dish on the table, especially when the holiday season is around the corner.

Since there are many options for the best side dishes to serve with chicken quesadillas, here are some general tips that can help you have the most suitable accompaniments for your chicken quesadillas:

Chicken quesadillas should be paired with a side dish that has a refreshing flavor

Chicken quesadillas contain a lot of melted cheese, which provides the dish with a rich and cheesy texture and taste.

Therefore, to offset this flavor, you should serve this Mexican delicacy with something more refreshing, such as dishes that are mainly made from vegetables.

This will not help you eat more quesadillas without feeling greasy but also provide you with essential minerals and vitamins from vegetables or fruits.

You can serve this Mexican dish with a starchy dish like rice, beans, and potatoes to be fuller

If you want to fill your empty stomach and serve chicken quesadillas as the main course, it is better to pair this dish with a starchy dish that is made from grains or lentils.

However, since it often takes more time to cook these starchy dishes to achieve a tender texture, you can consider making these side dishes ahead of time so that when serving chicken quesadillas, you already have a hot pot of rice, beans, or potatoes done and waiting to be served on the table.

6 best side dishes to serve with chicken quesadillas

If you are looking for some quick, easy side dishes to serve with chicken quesadillas the next time you are hosting a Mexican-style party, check out these six mouth-watering ideas:

1.     Rice and beans

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Rice and beans are a classic and inexpensive combination that can be served alongside most savory dishes.

These ingredients are also easy to find in any cuisine in the world.

Rice can be steamed or fried with spices or other chopped vegetables to create a colorful and flavorful dish.

Meanwhile, beans are typically baked or stewed to tenderize their hard texture.

2.     Mexican slaw

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Mexican slaw is another great option to pair with chicken quesadillas.

This recipe is a slight twist on the classic coleslaw.

It typically contains shredded cabbage (either white or purple), carrots, and sliced red onion.

The salad dressing is often made from olive oil, red wine vinegar, lime juice, and a little veggie broth with finely chopped herbs to enhance the flavor of the dish.

The crunchy texture and refreshing taste of Mexican slaw is a great addition to your soft and cheesy chicken quesadillas.

3.      Mashed potatoes

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This classic is perfect to enjoy with many savory dishes, including chicken quesadillas.

Mashed potatoes are easy and quick to make, and this dish also calls for inexpensive ingredients.

4.     Guacamole or salsa

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If you want to bring some authentic Mexican spirit to your kitchen, guacamole or salsa can be a great side dish option.

These sauces are vibrant, easy to make, and very flavorful, which can boost the flavor of the main dish and make your meal look more appealing.

5.     Steamed or roasted vegetables

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For those who are looking for ways to add more vitamins and minerals from vegetables to their diets, choosing a vegetable side dish for chicken quesadillas is the answer.

You can opt for steaming or roasting methods to cook your vegetables.

Some common options of vegetables are broccoli, carrots, potatoes, green beans, or asparagus.

6.     Soups

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You can turn chicken quesadillas into a hearty meal by serving them with a hot soup dish.

If you want a lighter version, vegetable soups are better.

However, if you still crave the rich and more savory taste of soups, meat soups will be just fine.

The bottom line

So now you have a few more options for what to serve with your delicious chicken quesadilla dinner besides just guacamole or salsa.

What do you think?

Which one is better, or does it really matter as long as the meal tastes great and makes everyone happy?

Hopefully, you find our article helpful, and if yes, feel free to share it with your loved ones so they can enjoy magnificent meals with chicken quesadillas and other side dishes.