7 Amazing Sides To Accompany Chicken Potstickers

chicken potsticker side dish

Do you love chicken potstickers as much as I do?

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They’re the perfect appetizer or main dish!

But what to serve with them?

Many people might be struggled to find the answer.

Don’t worry, here are some of my favorite ideas that will help complement the flavors in the potstickers perfectly.

Read on for more ideas for your next chicken potstickers!

What are chicken potstickers?

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Chicken potstickers are a type of dumpling that is made from ground chicken, cabbage, and other vegetables.

They are made by wrapping a mixture of minced chicken and vegetables in a dough wrapper, then quickly pan-frying them until they are golden brown and crispy.

After that steamed until cooked through.

Potsticks are more common in Chinese cuisine, but they are now well-known in many other parts of the world.

What to consider when choosing a side dish to serve with chicken potstickers?

To ensure that the side dish will complement your chicken potstickers, you will need to take into account the following things:

It is great to accompany chicken potstickers with a Chinese side dish

Since chicken potstickers have their root in Chinese cuisine, it is best to be served with another Chinese side dish.

Chinese cuisine offers a variety of iconic ingredients and condiments that make their dishes packed with flavor and complement each other very well.

Choose a side that complements the flavor profile of your potstickers

Another thing that you should keep in mind is that chicken potstickers can come with different flavors because you can actually put anything additional ingredients and spices to the filling to make your own favorite version.

Therefore, take into account the flavor profile of your chicken potsticks to make the right decision on the side dish.

For example, if your potstickers are already spicy, avoid serving them with other spicy dishes, or your meal will literally burn your down.

7 best side dishes to serve with chicken potstickers

Here are the seven side dishes that we find best when served on the side of chicken potstickers:

1.     Mashed potatoes

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You can try serving Chinese chicken potstickers with a classic American side dish, mashed potatoes, for a new experience.

This dish is easy to make with some simple ingredients like gold potatoes (even sweet potatoes can work too), butter, milk, salt, and additional spices or herb for extra flavor.

Mashed potatoes are easy to make, filling without being heavy, and perfectly to absorb any sauce that comes with the chicken.

2.     Grilled corn

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Grilled corn is a delicious side dish to serve with potstickers.

Corn is an available ingredient that can be found anywhere in the world.

Just simply brush some melted butter and your favorite spices over the corn to make this dish even more appealing in all flavor, texture, and visual presentation.

3.     Vegetable stir-fry

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Stir-frying is one of the most popular cooking methods in Chinese cuisine, and Chinese people also eat a lot of vegetatbles.

Therefore, there is no reason why you shouldn’t serve your chicken potstickers with some vegetable stir-fries.

My favorite combination for a stir-fry is broccoli, carrots, and red pepper, but you can use any vegetables that you like.

To make the stir-fry, simply sauté the vegetables in a little oil until they are tender-crisp.

You can add soy sauce or other seasonings to taste.

4.     Coleslaw

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Instead of cooking vegetables, you can also serve them raw on the side of your chicken potstickers.

Coleslaw is a great example though.

Coleslaw is a simple dish that can be made with shredded raw cabbage, carrots, mayonnaise, and a few other ingredients per personal liking.

It goes great with potstickers because the savory flavors of the potstickers complement the creamy, tangy, and refreshing coleslaw nicely.

Plus, it’s a great way to add some healthy vegetables to your meal without any fuss.

5.     Kimchi

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In case your chicken potstickers are not that spicy, you can serve them with kimchi, a traditional Korean side dish that is made by fermenting lettuce in a very spicy brine.

Kimchi is high in fiber, vitamins A and C, and minerals like potassium.

And because it’s fermented, kimchi is also a good source of probiotics which can help promote gut health and overall well-being.

6.     Dipping sauce

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Traditionally, a dipping sauce can literally elevate your chicken potstickers.

The great thing about potstickers is that they can be paired with all sorts of different dipping sauces.

Whether you like your sauce sweet, savory, or spicy, there’s sure to be a perfect match for your potstickers.

Soy sauce is the most classic and simpliest option to go, but you can try other kinds of sauce with your chicken potstickers too.

7.     Egg drop soup

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Last but not least, for a hearty winter meal, serve your chicken potstickers with an egg drop soup.

The Chinese soup is made by beaten eggs which are slowly added to a boiling broth, and then the soup is usually garnished with green onions.

Some variations of egg drop soup include adding cornstarch or rice flour to thicken the soup, as well as adding different vegetables or meats.

So it’s perfect for those days when you’re short on time, but you still want something delicious and can warm your soul!

The bottom line

Whether you want something sweet or savory, there’s definitely something on this list that will appeal to you.

Give one of these recipes a try next time you make chicken potstickers and see how delicious they can be when being served on the same meal.

Good luck!