5 Delicious Desserts To Serve With A Chicken Pot Pie

chicken pot pie dessert side dish

Chicken pot pies are an American favorite that is great for both young and old alike.

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But what dessert should you serve with your chicken pot pie?

The following five dessert recipes in this post will definitely have your taste buds singing with joy.

Let’s check it out!

What is a chicken pot pie?

A chicken pot pie is classic American comfort food that features ground or shredded chicken, gravy, and vegetables (normally carrots, peas, celery,  cooked in a pot, then baked with a flaky crust on top.

This means at first glance, you might not be able to recognize if it is a somewhat sweet pie or a chicken pot pie.

But obviously, a chicken pot pie is a savory pie with a typical aroma of chicken and other savory ingredients.

When cut, chicken pot pies are juicier and can even contain a bit of liquid from the ingredients.

This dish is a great way to make use of leftovers to turn them into a delicious, savory, and hearty meal.

Chicken pot pies can be made ahead of time and reheated when served.

What to consider when choosing a dessert to serve with a chicken pot pie?

A chicken pot pie goes well with different dessert recipes.

But what to keep in mind choosing a dessert to serve with this savory pie?

Here are some tips from us:

An old-fashioned dessert recipe is a great choice

Sometimes, you don’t need to try to look for a complicated and modern dessert recipe to serve with your chicken pot pie.

An old-fashioned dessert like muffins, pudding, or biscuits is just enough.

Plus, it seems that everyone knows how to make these classics, so they can give you a hand when you need them.

Make your own desserts or buy on the market to save time

We have to admit that baking or cooking at home is definitely a great experience, but it takes time and effort.

So you can opt for store-bought desserts to serve with your chicken pot pie in case you don’t have time or mood to cook.

The most important thing is to look for a reputable address to shop for your favorite dessert and enjoy it after a chicken pot pie.

5 best dessert recipes to serve with a chicken pot pie

Now let’s take a closer look at each of the five best desserts to serve with your chicken pot pie the next time:

1.     Apple crisp

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Apple crisp is an old-fashioned dessert recipe that never turns boring.

It provides a blend of flavors, with the fruity and tangy taste of apples, the pungency of cinnamon powder, the sweetness of sugar, the nutty flavor of oats, and many other flavors from other ingredients.

This dessert is best when topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Apple crisp is a must-try recipe if you ever made a chicken pot pie and wanted a great dessert to accompany it.

2.     Cobbler

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You will never regret it when serving your chicken pot pie with a cobbler as a dessert.

Two things look quite similar on the table, but the difference is revealed after a cut.

The sticky, saucy, and aromatic layer of fruits under the crust is just so perfect to finish your savory meal with its tangy and fruity taste.

3.     Lemon-blueberry muffins

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Our third option for a dessert to serve with a chicken pot pie is muffins, specifically lemon-blueberry muffins in this case.

This type of muffin has been made for years by both home cooks and experienced chefs across the country.

Lemons and blueberries provide a fruity and tangy taste to the muffins, making the flavors dance in your mouth.

4.     Vanilla pudding

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You can also have vanilla pudding as a delicious dessert to serve with chicken pot pies.

Pudding has always been considered a typical dessert in British cuisine.

And there are also many American pudding recipes, including vanilla pudding that works great as a sweet course for a meat-based dish.

You can top your vanilla pudding with some fresh succulent raspberries or blueberries for a more appealing appearance and flavorful taste.

5.     Watermelon

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Watermelon is our last suggestion to serve as a dessert for a chicken pot pie.

This type of fruit has a vibrant red color and a green rind, making it look so eye-catching on the side of the chicken pie.

It has a sweet but tangy and refreshing taste, and since watermelon is mainly made from water, it is a perfect summer fruit.

Watermelon is best when served cool or cold.

The bottom line

Each dessert has its own unique flavors and textures that make them equally delicious in their own way.

But you can experiment with each recipe after having a chicken pot pie as the main course to see which dessert is the best for your taste buds.