5 Best Side Dish Suggestions To Make Your Next Chicken Pie Truly Epic

chicken pie side dish

What to serve with chicken pie is a question many housewives find themselves asking.

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Luckily, we have some great suggestions for you in this article.

These dishes all go well with the comforting and delicious flavors of our homemade chicken pie recipe.

Keep reading to find the five best side dishes to serve with chicken pie.

What is a chicken pie?

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Chicken pie is a baked dish with a crust on the top and bottom.

The crust can be made from scratch or it can be bought from any grocery store or supermarket with ease.

The savory filling often contains shredded chicken breast, chopped onion, carrot, celery, butter, salt, pepper, and some milk or heavy cream which are mixed together and brought to a boil on the stovetop before being placed in the pre-baked shell.

The resulting dish should end up with a hearty and juicy filling without making the crust soggy, but still crispy instead.

Chicken pie can be served hot or cold and can also be made as individual pies for an appetizer or party food.

What to consider when choosing a chicken pie’s side dish?

A chicken pie is a melting pot of different flavors and nutrients.

It contains protein, carbs, vegetables, and fats, making even a slice of chicken pie can act as a complete meal.

However, if you want to pair this dish with another or several sides, it can be done with success with the following tips to keep in mind:

Choose a side dish with a milder and refreshing flavor

Chicken pie has a rich and hearty taste because it is made from many different ingredients.

Therefore, when choosing a side dish to serve with chicken pies, it is best to look for a companion with a milder taste to offset the rich flavor of the savory pie.

Some kind of sauce can be just enough to complement a chicken pie

If a chicken pie is enough for your family meal, there is no need for any further complicated side dish, but a bowl or sauce.

Normally, a sweet and fruity sauce will be a better option in this case.

However, if you prefer the savory taste of cheese sauce or other sauces, just make what you find most suitable to eat with chicken pies.

5 best side dishes to serve with chicken pies

As already mentioned, chicken pies are a hearty dish on their own.

But you can elevate the dish to a new level by pairing it with a good side dish.

Below, we list out the five best side dishes to serve with your next chicken pie:

1.     Roasted vegetables

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Roasted vegetables are a good choice to serve with chicken pies because this side dish will add more nutrients to your diet.

Roasted vegetables are very healthy because there is no oil added and the natural flavors of veggies are kept even after cooking.

You can choose carrots, potatoes, broccoli, asparagus, or squash for roasting.

2.     Salads

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Another vegetable-based dish to serve with a chicken pie is salads.

There are numerous salad recipes that you can opt for to meet the taste buds’ preferences of different members of your family.

Salads are often made from thinly sliced or chopped raw vegetables and fruits like lettuce, cabbage, carrot, tomatoes, avocado, or onion that are coated with any kind of your favorite salad dressing.

The crunchy texture and refreshing taste of salads will definitely balance the rich chicken pie and help you finish the whole portion of chicken pie yummy.

3.      Applesauce

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Applesauce is an easy-to-make sauce to serve with chicken pies.

The fruity and sweet flavor of applesauce will go perfectly with the savory taste of a chicken pie.

Applesauce can even be made ahead of time and flavored per your preference.

4.     Grilled corn

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Grilled Mexican-style corn, or corn on the cob, is a fantastic side dish for chicken pies.

The slightly sweet flavor of corn will help complement the savory taste of your chicken pie in every bite.

Grilled corn is also easy to make and inexpensive.

5.     Potato rolls

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Potato rolls are the potato version of dinner rolls with mashed potatoes added.

They are filling, slightly sweet, and very aromatic.

Potato rolls can be made with ease and when paired with chicken pies, the two dishes taste better and can definitely fill your empty stomach with delicious flavors.

The bottom line

We have compiled the list of five accompaniments that go best with chicken pot pie.

We would love to know which side dish is your favorite.

Do any of these sound like a good match for your next chicken pie?

Let us know in the comments!