5 Delicious Pasta Recipes For Your Chicken Piccata

chicken piccata pasta side dish

If you are looking for a delicious and easy way to jazz up your chicken piccata, try serving it with pasta.

There are endless possibilities when it comes to selecting the perfect pasta dish to complement your Italian chicken.

So keep reading to find out the best for you!

What is a chicken piccata?

Chicken piccata means chicken that is cooked in a piccata sauce.

This dish has an origin in Italian cuisine.

It is simple to prepare and always be a crowd-favorite.

Normally, boneless skinless chicken breast is a favorite choice for this recipe, but you totally can opt for boneless skinless chicken thighs too for a more flavorful version.

The meat is first dredged in flour and pan-fried so that the crust has a beautiful golden color and a crispy texture.

After that, pan-fried chicken is cooked in a piccata sauce that consists of butter, lemon juice, and pickled capers for a few minutes until all the flavor penetrates into the chicken.

The resulting dish has a tart and savory taste from the ingredients and is often served as the main course with other side dishes for a hearty meal.

What to consider when choosing a pasta dish to serve with a chicken piccata?

Pasta is a great side dish for chicken piccata because it can easily absorb the rich sauce of the main course.

What are you looking for at a side dish to make sure that it will complement your chicken piccata?

Pasta can be made at home or bought from any grocery store

There are different types of pasta that you can find in any grocery store or supermarket across the world.

However, you can also make your own pasta at home with many reputable recipes that you can find online.

But making any type of pasta can take time and effort, and the result might not always be successful.

So consider buying store-bought pasta to save time and always have a good pasta dish to accompany your chicken piccata or any other dishes.

Just look for a good package of pasta that hasn’t expired to ensure the quality of the content.

Add other ingredients, spices, and herbs to make your pasta more flavorful

You can literally serve your chicken piccata with plain boiled pasta because the sauce of the main dish is already very flavorful on its own.

However, to make the pasta side dish more special and flavorful, consider adding other ingredients like tomato sauce, cheese, or spices and fresh herbs like garlic, basil, or sage.

5 best pasta recipes to serve with a chicken piccata

The following five types of pasta and recipes will be sure to satisfy your taste buds and complement chicken piccata:

1.     Mac and cheese

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Mac and cheese is a classic side dish in American cuisine.

This timeless combination of macaroni pasta and a cheese sauce creates a creamy and salty taste that pairs well with any meat-based dish.

However, mac and cheese is quite high in calories, you better have a proper portion of this dish to keep you weight in line without sacrificing flavor.

2.     Garlic buttered pasta shells

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You can also serve your chicken piccata with garlic buttered pasta shells.

We all know that garlic and butter go well with chicken, as well as pasta.

So this side dish will be an amazing option to accompany chicken piccata.

This recipe is a little creamy, garlicky, and very flavorful without overpowering the main course.

3.     Ravioli with tomato paste

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Ravioli is also a common type of pasta that is widely used in Italian recipes.

Serve cooked ravioli with tomato paste on top, you will have a delicious and eye-catching side dish to enjoy with your chicken piccata and keep you full.

Ravioli pasta can come with a variety of fillings too, so just add whatever you want to it to make it more appealing and flavorful.

4.     Capellini

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Capellini, also known as angel hair pasta, is a type of Italian pasta that looks like spaghetti, but thinner.

This type of pasta is simply boiled then sauteed or mixed with other ingredients like tomato sauce, grated cheese, finely chopped herbs, or garlic.

It can be served on the side of chicken piccata, or with pieces of chicken piccata on top of it on the same plate.

5.     Sauteed egg noodles

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Our last suggestion is to serve your chicken piccata with sauteed egg noodles.

If you like the flavor of egg, egg noodles are what we highly recommend.

Egg noodles are often pre-soaked or boiled before being quickly stir-fried with some chopped vegetables like carrots or cabbages.

You will have a colorful, flavorful, and nutritious side dish to enjoy with your chicken piccata and fill your empty stomach without breaking the budget.

The bottom line

Hopefully, with the five aforementioned pasta recipes, you will never feel frustrated trying to find out the best side dish to accompany chicken piccata.

Next time you are planning a party, keep this list in mind, choose some for your menu,  and watch your guests rave about how amazing it is!

Will you let us know what type of pasta is best to serve with chicken piccata?

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