8 Vegies To Spice Up Your Chicken Parmesan!

chicken parmesan vegetable side dish

Chicken Parmesan is a classic Italian dish that is loved by many.

It’s simple to make and can be served with a variety of different side dishes.

In this blog post, we will discuss what vegetable to serve with chicken parmesan.

We will provide some helpful tips on how to make the perfect side dish for this delicious meal.

Stay tuned!

What is chicken parmesan?

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Chicken parmesan is an Italian dish that traditionally consists of a breaded chicken cutlet, rotated in tomato sauce and cheese.

It is then baked in the oven until the chicken is cooked through and the cheese is melted and bubbly.

There are many variations of chicken parmesan, but the most common include adding garlic, oregano, parsley and Parmesan cheese to the breading mixture.

The chicken is usually coated in flour before being dipped in eggs, which helps the breading adhere to the chicken.

I like to precook my chicken parmesan by frying it in a little bit of olive oil before baking it.

This gives it a nice crispy exterior without drying out the inside of the chicken.

How to choose vegetable for chicken parmesan?

When choosing a vegetable for chicken parmesan, you want to consider both the flavor and the texture of the vegetable.

For example, a hearty vegetable like spinach will hold up well under the weight of the chicken and sauce, but its bitterness might not be palatable to everyone.

On the other hand, a delicate vegetable like zucchini will add a touch of sweetness to the dish without overwhelming it.

Ultimately, it is up to you to decide which flavor profile you prefer.Texture is also an important consideration.

You want a vegetable that will be sufficiently cooked when the chicken is done, but not so cooked that it turns into mush.

Again, spinach or zucchini would be good choices here.

8 best vegetables to go with chicken parmesan

Roasted broccoli

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Broccoli is a cruciferous vegetable that is high in vitamins C and K, as well as minerals such as manganese and potassium.

It also contains high levels of antioxidants which can help to fight free radicals and protect cells from damage.

Broccoli can be roasted with olive oil, salt, and pepper for a simple but delicious side dish.

Roasted broccoli is a good side dish for chicken parmesan because the two dishes have complementary flavors and textures.

The savory, salty flavor of the cheese in chicken parmesan pairs well with the slightly bitter, roasted taste of broccoli.

Additionally, the crispy texture of roasted broccoli contrasts nicely with the soft, cheesy texture of chicken parmesan.

Roasted cauliflower

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There are many reasons why roasted cauliflower is a great side dish for chicken parmesan.

For one, roasted cauliflower has a lovely char that pairs perfectly with the crispy chicken.

Additionally, the natural sweetness of the cauliflower is a nice complement to the slightly acidic tomato sauce.

The creamy texture of roasted cauliflower contrasts beautifully with the tender chicken and crispy breadcrumbs.

All of these factors make roasted cauliflower an ideal side dish for chicken parmesan.

Roasted cauliflower is a great side dish for chicken parmesan because it is healthy and light.

It also has a subtle flavor that won’t overpower the taste of the chicken.

When roasted, cauliflower gets a slight char on the outside while remaining soft on the inside.

This contrast in texture goes well with chicken parmesan, which is usually breaded and fried.

Roasted carrot

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When it comes to side dishes, roasted carrots are a great option for chicken parmesan.

There are many reasons why roasted carrots make a good side dish for chicken parmesan.

First, they add a lovely pop of color to the plate.

Second, their sweetness complements the savoriness of the chicken parmesan perfectly.

Third, they are easy to roast and can be made ahead of time, making them ideal for busy weeknights.

Finally, they are packed with nutrients like fiber, beta-carotene, and Vitamin A – making them a healthy option for diners looking to get their veggie fix.

So there you have it – plenty of reasons to give roasted carrots a try next time you serve up chicken parmesan!

Green salad

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When it comes to chicken parmesan, most people think of heavy red sauces and mountains of cheese.

But chicken parmesan is actually a pretty versatile dish that can be adapted to many different flavors and cuisines.Green salad is a great side dish for chicken parmesan because it helps balance out the richness of the dish with its freshness and lightness.

The acidity of the dressing and the crunch of the vegetables also help cut through the heaviness of the cheese and sauce.

Plus, it’s a healthy way to bulk up your meal without adding a lot of calories.

So next time you’re thinking about what to serve with your chicken parmesan, consider a green salad!

Roasted green bean

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Chicken parmesan is a classic Italian dish that typically features breaded chicken breasts that are fried and then baked with a tomato-based sauce and mozzarella cheese.

While this dish is delicious on its own, adding a side of roasted green beans can take it to the next level.

There are many reasons roasted green beans make a great side dish for chicken parmesan.

First, they are both packed with nutrients and relatively low in calories.

This means they make a healthy addition to any meal.

Additionally, the flavor of roasted green beans complements the chicken and sauce perfectly.

The beans also add a nice crunch to the dish.

Overall, roasted green beans are an excellent option for a delicious and nutritious side dish.

Sautéed spinach

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Sautéed spinach makes a good side dish for chicken parmesan because it is a healthy and low calorie vegetable that will not fill you up before your main course.

Spinach is a nutrient-rich vegetable that is low in calories and high in fiber.

It also contains antioxidants, including vitamin C, beta carotene, and lutein, which can help protect against disease.

Sautéing the spinach lightly leaves it crispy and flavorful, making it the perfect accompaniment to chicken parmesan.

Sautéed spinach is a good side dish for chicken parmesan because the flavors of both dishes compliment each other.

The spinach has a slight bitterness that pairs well with the sweetness of the tomato sauce used in chicken parmesan, and the garlic in the spinach adds a depth of flavor to the dish.

Plus, both dishes are fairly healthy choices, so you can feel good about indulging in them together.

Garlic mashed potato

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Garlic mashed potatoes is a great side dish for chicken parmesan because the garlic pairs well with the chicken and the potatoes add a creaminess and heartiness to the dish.

Roasted garlic mashed potatoes are even better because they have a deeper, more intense flavor that really compliments the Chicken Parmesan.

Plus, they’re super easy to make!

There are many reasons why garlic mashed potatoes is a good side dish for chicken parmesan.

First, potatoes are a classic Italian comfort food, and they go really well with chicken parmesan.

The garlic in the mashed potatoes adds another level of flavor that pairs nicely with the rich tomato sauce and cheesy toppings on chicken parmesan.

Moreover, mashed potatoes are generally lighter and healthier than other common side dishes like pasta or breadsticks.

So if you’re looking for a delicious and nutritious way to round out your chicken parmesan meal, garlic mashed potatoes is definitely a great option!


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Mario Batali famously said “chicken parmigiana without mushrooms is like Richard Nixon without Watergate”

The trick to a good chicken parmesan is all in the sauce.

Most people would say that the key components to a great red sauce are onions, garlic, crushed tomatoes, olive oil, and basil.

And while those ingredients are certainly important, the real secret ingredient is mushrooms.

Mushrooms add an earthy depth of flavor that takes this classic dish to the next level.

There are many reasons why mushrooms make a great side dish for chicken parmesan.

First, mushrooms have a high water content, which means they will help to keep your chicken parmesan moist and juicy.

Secondly, mushrooms have a mild flavor that won’t overpower the other ingredients in your dish.

Finally, mushrooms can be easily cooked in the same pan as your chicken parmesan, which makes for less cleanup later on.

If you’re looking for a new way to spice up your chicken parmesan, try adding some mushrooms to the sauce.


So, what is the best vegetable to serve with chicken parmesan?

In our opinion, roasted broccoli is the perfect side dish for this classic Italian meal.

It’s simple to make and goes great with the cheesy goodness of chicken parmesan.

If you’re looking for a delicious and easy side dish to make for your next dinner party, we highly recommend giving roasted broccoli a try!

Do you have a favorite side dish to serve with chicken parmesan?

Let us know in the comments below.

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