5 Easy Yet Delicious Side Dishes For Chicken Parm

chicken parm side dish

Are you looking to add some flavor and moisture to the classic Chicken Parm?

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If yes, keep reading our article to know more about this dish and the best side dishes that go well with Chicken Parm.

What is Chicken Parm?

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Chicken Parm, or also known as Chicken Parmigiana or Chicken Parmesan, is an Italian-inspired dish that is popular in American cuisine.

Chicken Parm is made from cutlet chicken that is breaded and baked or fried, then topped with tomato sauce and melted Mozzarella or Parmesan cheese.

It is delicious, cheesy, rich, and perfect for parties or casual dinners.

There are different variations of Chicken Parm, with ham or bacon added.

What to consider when choosing a Chicken Parm’s side dish?

If you are a fan of chicken, you must have tried Chicken Parm once in your life.

This dish can be eaten alone without any problem, but you can elevate the dish to a whole new level if you choose the right side dish for it.

Refer to the following things that you should keep in mind when looking for the best side dish for Chicken Parm:

Choose something that is healthy and nutritious with a light flavor and texture

Chicken Parm is great, but we cannot ignore the fact that it is quite high in fat and unhealthy if consumed too much and frequently.

Therefore, it is best to pair this dish with a healthy and nutritious dish, especially made from a lot of vegetables and fruits.

Avoid cooking a heavy and too greasy dish

Some heavy and rich dishes like mashed potatoes or mac and cheese are so mouth-watering, but they are not suitable in this case.

They might even fill you up before the main course arrives, and these dishes are also high in fat, heavy, and can make you feel greasy about your meal.

Pick the ingredients that are appropriate for the season and your nation

There are many options for Chicken Parm’s side dishes, but you should make the one that calls for ingredients that are appropriate for the current season and your geographic location.

This will help ensure the freshness and safety of all the ingredients used in your dishes.

5 best side dishes to serve with Chicken Parm

Whether you are looking for a light and healthy option or something hearty to fill your stomach, there are many side dishes that go perfectly with Chicken Parm.

Here is a list of tasty and easy sides that will complement any Chicken Parm recipe:

1.      Salads

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Salads are an ideal option to balance the greasy taste from fried, baked, or roasted meat dishes.

The refreshing flavor from salads can even help boost your appetite and make you eat more deliciously.

There are plenty of salad recipes for you to choose from, but basically, they are made from different kinds of raw vegetables and fruits with a crunchy or soft texture.

2.      Pasta

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Pasta is a classic side dish that is served with Chicken Parm.

Pasta goes well with any dish that calls for cheese and tomato sauce.

Pasta comes in different sizes and shapes, and it can be easily found in any grocery store or supermarket across the country.

3.     Roasted vegetables

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You can also pair your Chicken Parm with some roasted vegetables to add more vitamins and texture to your meal.

Unlike boiling vegetables, roasting will give you a nice char and a flavorful taste.

You can have potatoes, carrots, squashes, broccoli, or Brussels sprout roasted to serve with Chicken Parm.

4.     Rice

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Rice is an inexpensive ingredient to make an easy side dish that goes well with many savory dishes.

Steamed rice can be done effortlessly with an electric rice cooker.

This side dish has a plain taste and a soft texture that is perfect to serve with different main courses with different flavors and textures.

Rice will also provide you with energy for your daily activities.

5.     Quinoa

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Quinoa is a healthy option to add to your meal with Chicken Parm.

It is gluten-free, has a mild taste, and is easy to cook.

This ingredient is not widely sold on the market, but mainly in Latin countries.

The crunchy texture and nutty flavor from quinoa can help ease the greasy taste from your Chicken Parm while being very healthy for your body.

The bottom line

In conclusion, there are many side dishes that are great to serve with Chicken Parm.

No matter if it is a light and refreshing dishes like green or fruity salad or a fuller dish like rice or pasta, it all depends on your preference to serve these side dish ideas with your Chicken Parm.

Which one sounds best to you?

Let us know in the comment section below!