4 Starch To Serve With Chicken Marsala: The Whole Meal In One Dish!

chicken marsala starch side dish

When it comes to pairing foods, there’s no question that starch is a key ingredient.

Starch can help to balance out flavors and make a dish more filling.

So, what starch should you serve with chicken marsala?

Here are four great options to consider.

What is chicken marsala?

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Chicken marsala is a dish made from chicken breasts that are pounded thin, then coated in flour, salt, and pepper.

The chicken is then sautéed in a mixture of butter and olive oil until golden brown.

The sauce is made with Marsala wine, chicken broth, minced onions, garlic cloves, and parsley.

The sauce is thickened with a little of the flour that was used to coat the chicken breasts.

How to choose starch for chicken marsala?

When choosing a starch to accompany chicken marsala, you’ll want to consider both the character of the sauce and the dish as a whole.

For example, if your sauce is light and delicate, you might want to pair it with a lighter starch like mashed potatoes or rice.

On the other hand, if your sauce is richer and heartier, you might opt for a sturdier starch like pasta or risotto.

Ultimately, it’s important to strike a balance so that neither the sauce nor the starch overpowers the dish.

4 best starch to pair with chicken marsala

Mashed potatoes

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Mashed potatoes are a good starch to pair with chicken marsala because they have a similar flavor profile.

They both have a slightly sweet and savory taste that is enhanced by the addition of mushrooms and onions.

Marsala is a wine-based sauce, so it pairs well with mashed potatoes, which have a slightly sweet flavor.

The sauce also contains mushrooms and onions, which complement the flavors of the potatoes.

Together, these ingredients make for a delicious and satisfying meal.

Roasted potatoes

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Potatoes are a good starch to pair with chicken marsala because they have a slightly sweet flavor that goes well with the savory sauce in the dish.

They also have a dense, creamy texture that contrasts nicely with the crispy chicken and light mushrooms.

Plus, potatoes are a good source of fiber, potassium, and vitamin C, making them a healthful addition to your meal.


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Polenta is a good starch to pair with chicken marsala because they share some common flavors.

Polenta is a cornmeal-based dish that is often served as a side dish.

It has a mild flavor and a creamy texture, making it the perfect pairing for dishes with strong flavors like chicken marsala.

Chicken marsala is a classic Italian dish made with chicken breasts that are sautéed in butter and then simmered in a sauce made from Marsala wine, garlic, and mushrooms.

The flavors of the polenta and the chicken marsala will complement each other perfectly, making for an enjoyable dining experience.


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There are many reasons why rice pairs so well with chicken marsala.

First of all, rice provides a great blank canvas for the rich flavors of chicken marsala to shine through.

Additionally, the starchiness of rice helps to absorb some of the sauce, making each bite even more flavorful.

And finally, rice is such a versatile starch that it can be enjoyed in both traditional Italian dishes like this one, as well as more modern fusion cuisine.

So if you’re looking for a delicious and easy way to round out your next chicken marsala meal, reach for the rice!


We hope this article has been helpful in giving you some ideas for pairing starches with chicken marsala.

With so many delicious possibilities, there’s no reason to stick with just one option.

Be sure to experiment and find the combination that best suits your taste buds.

And, as always, feel free to leave us a comment below if you have any questions or suggestions.

Thanks for reading!

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